Are Mom Jeans No Longer A Laughing Matter?

I’ve been a dedicated subscriber of Lucky Magazine newsletters for quite some time now…granted it’s usually because of their amazing giveaways (one of which I have won in the past…I am the proud new owner of a year’s supply of Paddywax Candles thanks to Lucky Magazine!). I’m not always partial to the style and beauty reviews but I stay glued because every now and then I see a gem or two!

We are all aware of the scary “mom jean” look when it comes to high rise jeans (although lately I’ve become less fearful after reviewing some GREAT pairs through Denimology, like my Citizens of Humanity Hutton review). But the “mom jean” look seems to have evolved away from the basic high-rise and more into…well, jeans that actually DO look like what you’d think a “mom jean” would look like. I think I can say we all pretty much still fear those.

However…upon clicking into an exciting newsletter item from Lucky Magazine titled Eight New Denim Trends Worth Trading Your Skinny Jeans For I discovered that well…actual “mom jeans” might actually be coming in style. Even though it’s fun to watch the denim world, which is just a speck within the overall, much more grand fashion world, have its own trends come and go, I am not so sure what to think of this one. Are mom jeans no longer a laughing matter?

Lucky Magazine - Mom Jeans

Photo Credit: Lucky Magazine

I felt it necessary to point out that the category that my Citizens of Humanity review fit into now was covered, in a more specifically titled category “Retro Jeans.” I’d say that’s appropriate!

Update 3/4/14:
I just receive this in my inbox thanks to a favorite of mine, Refinery29, what timing!
Our 2 Cents On Mom Jeans? They’re Totally Cool …really now…


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