Moscow Mule Mugs at One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane - Moscow Mule Mugs

One Kings Lane – Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mule Mugs at One Kings Lane

The Moscow Mule…for me it popped seemingly out of nowhere somehow, even though I certainly do not live under any rock that I know of (I mean…come on, I’ve been DJing since 2007). This drink has been around since what, the 1940s? Anyway, it’s certainly a favorite drink of mine when I decide to treat myself with a night out on the town, and there is definitely something about that copper cup that makes it special. As a great drink to make during a cocktail party at home, why not stock up with a set? I don’t think the jars, wine glasses and coffee mugs we currently use are going to cut it for much longer…and my eyes are currently on these beautiful Moscow Mule mugs at One Kings Lane! They are made of copper, brass and nickel, and sure look like they’d easily liven any at-home get-together or party.

One Kings Lane currently has a large selection of items for your at-home imbibing that includes different varieties of these mugs…check out the entire sale here.

Update: Get $15 to spend towards your new mugs (or anything else you find on One Kings Lane) by clicking through this link!

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