My Picks from the Nasty Gal 40% Off Sale

My Picks from the Nasty Gal 40% Off Sale

Image: Nasty Gal

First I want to apologize for being M.I.A. for a bit…I came down with a nasty bug last week, and I just found out today that it’s bronchitis. Hooray. Either way, I’m doing my best to keep some posts up, so bear with me here! On the positive side though, at least it’s given me time to peruse Netflix and window shop online for a bit, and come up with more ideas to post! At least, I’m trying to see a positive side in all of this but you know, shit happens.

Anyway, I recently finished Girlboss on Netflix after being a huge fan of the motivation and drive of Sophia Amoruso’s drive to fame with Nasty Gal. Her story kind of resonates with me because I’ve always had a sort of entrepreneurship spirit, all the way back to when I first started to create an eBay business in my early twenties, just like Sophia. It’s not easy, but the challenges can be quite fun! I’ve browsed the Nasty Gal site a few times here and there, but never really bought anything yet. You might know by now that the company has had its struggles lately, with several stores unfortunately closing and the company filing for bankruptcy (kind of a letdown after that girl-power fueled novel, right?).

For awhile now, everything on the website has been 40% off! I’ve kept it in the back of my mind a few times as a chance to finally pounce on something sweet, and since I’ve been home sick, I took it as a good time to take a look around. At the beginning of the sale, everything was 70% off as the website was also expected to shut down. However, the UK-based fast fashion powerhouse BooHoo recently bought them out, so they are still online…for the time being. Who knows what the true future of this once-popular store will be, but for now, I’m having fun browsing some of the super sexy, dark, edgy pieces that grace its pages. Whether or not I buy anything, it’s all some seriously entertaining eye candy (and even a little inspiring for future DJ gigs).

Here are all of the items I picked out as favorites from Nasty Gal! Use discount code NASTY40 for 40% off.

Shop Nasty Gal here, and as mentioned above, use discount code NASTY40 for 40% off!

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