Natural Leather Tote Bags for Fall from Etsy

Just like shoes (or jeans, in my case), almost every girl loves to have an assortment of bags for every occasion. It’s hard for someone fashionably creative to settle on just one or two, right? However, as full as a wardrobe may get with bags of every color, style or even brand, one thing holds basically true: just about everyone desires that one solid, quality bag that lasts through years and years, and possibly even gets better with use. As fun as it is to go crazy with collecting multiple styles, sometimes going back to basics is a tasteful move. I personally have my everyday bag (with a few alternatives if I feel like switching it up), a few evening bags to fit different occasions or moods, and some that are best suited for day trips or outdoor adventures like hiking, festivals or the beach.

Fall is here (and California is finally feeling the weather that goes with it, thankfully), which usually means earthy, rustic tones take over new seasonal collections and wardrobes everywhere. In the summer, I like carrying a smaller bag, but when the cooler weather hits, a larger bag works best, for cold weather accessories, lotions and anything else I might need for changing temperatures throughout the day and into the night. I started feeling the urge to window shop a bit more for my next favorite piece of arm candy, which for me is usually something leather for durability and the fact that good leather only gets more beautiful with age. I found myself drifting a little bit away from tried and true favorite brands and exploring something different: handmade natural leather totes. I started looking within brand names, but then moved on out of curiosity to the quality designs from artists on Etsy, and I was not disappointed! Natural looking leather (leather that hasn’t been overly treated, dyed, textured, lined, etc. and has more of a rustic, vintage appeal) is such a refreshing trip back to the basics, and perfectly matches the feel of Fall. I added several items to my favorites, and figured I’d make a post to share with all of you! I love totes in general, but those convertible multi-use totes (the ones with an additional handle for the shoulder) are what always catches my eyes the most.

Here are some of the most beautiful natural leather tote bags for Fall (and all year round), that I found on Etsy!

I simply searched “natural leather tote bag” in Etsy’s search field, so if you want to find more like these, you can shop that search query here!


    • Lana November 16, 2017 / 9:22 am

      Right? Exactly! I love that look 🙂 Dyed leather is pretty too but there’s something special about it being all natural.

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