Natural Wood Home Decor

Natural Wood Home Decor

Pieces by Hilla Shamia and Siiren

Natural Wood Home Decor

I like any kind of furniture or decor that’s original, classic and innovative. I guess you could say I have a soft spot for modern design. But, as with any toned-down, minimalistic artwork, it’s not easy to stand out! Less is always more in this case and it’s tough to constantly keep up the creative juices with so little to work with. But, this is why it’s impressive, right? Add to that, simplistic designs done with natural elements. I remember as a kid, finding bits of driftwood lining the beach was always a pleasure after spotting several pieces of artwork in local studios done with this abundant medium. Now, I just appreciate infusing nature with my everyday living space. Recently I’ve discovered two artists that really stand out to me in terms of innovation and creativity: Siiren, a “fair trade gift superstore,” and Hilla Shamia, a Tel-Aviv artisan.

Furniture combining cast aluminium and wood. The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value by preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk, within explicit boundaries. The general, squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and at the same time keeps the memory of the material.”

Hilla Shamia focuses on several ridiculously creative projects! I have to say I’m impressed with them all. These include a sliding bench meant to invoke interactions between observers, a chess board made with the natural metallic shine and corrosion properties of iron, a rocking horse made from a properly-cut tree trunk, a project studying the natural beauty of a bubble, and experimenting with leveling perspectives involving canvas orientation and a horizon in a photograph. In this case, I’m focusing on his wood casting project, which involves filling gaps in a natural piece of wood with molten aluminum, creating some very beautiful effects. Hilla Shamia splits full-length logs down to create the surface of tables, stools and benches, fits them into a furniture mold and pours in the aluminum, which creates the legs and any space not occupied with the wood, filling in and sealing in the wooden element. If you ask me though, the best part is where the heat of the molten metal singes the wood it touches, creating a gorgeous edge of coal where the wood and metal meets. I need one of these pieces…right now! Read more about this artwork at Dezeen.

Our one-of-a kind Glass Bowl displays make a fantastic addition to anyone’s home, offering a completely unique item which can be used in a multitude of different ways! These items are suitable for use as fish bowls, flower planters, cactus gardens, pot pourri bowls or any number of other applications. The Bowls are 100% water tight and can be removed from the Root itself for ease of cleaning.”

I can’t remember how I ran across Siiren, a UK-based shop, but you know I’m all about fair trade goods! Siiren is a collective of artisans, and the glass pieces here are created by Hortono from Batunya, Indonesia, who’s been working for the company for five years. I used to love owning a fish or two in the house but for some reason I always failed at keeping it alive despite my best efforts. So I’m sure I’d most likely keep a little terrarium or succulent garden in one of these pretty root and glass fish or plant bowls. The glass is made in-house, which adds character to each piece with natural flaws like bubbles, marks and impurities. While still hot, the newly-formed glass bottle is set onto the piece of wood, forming to its texture and surface. Right now, retail customers can get 15% off for a Mother’s Day sale with code MUM15! Hurry over and grab one of these one-of-a-kind items for yourself!

Learn more about Siiren and shop the entire site here, and read up on Hilla Shamia and his multiple projects here.

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