The Naturally Dyed Earth Colors Jeans by G-Star RAW

The Naturally Dyed Earth Colors Jeans by G-Star RAW

Image: G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW has been a pretty consistent subject here on my blog. No only are they an impressively high quality, innovative leader in the denim world, but they also take some pretty awesome steps when it comes to sustainability. They are best known by their iconic Elwood 5620 jean, which is constructed in a way you’ve never seen any jean put together before—with 3D detailing and tough but structured and comfortable denim. The brand celebrated the 20th anniversary of this jean last year, and I had the opportunity to review a pair! This wasn’t the first time I had a taste of the Elwood, as I also reviewed a beautiful moto pair, the Custom Slim Tapered, and my first review I ever did for Denimology (or ever), was the G-Star Type C Loose Tapered 3D Jeans. I’ve always enjoyed everything I receive from this incredible brand!

In 2014, G-Star partnered with Pharrell Williams and his Bionic Yarn company which takes plastics from the oceans and converts them into fibers for apparel manufacturing. Their RAW For the Oceans collection was truly a remarkable step forward in the world of sustainable clothing, and it sold out rather quickly! The next year, G-Star worked with the London-based i-D, the “original fashion and style bible”, and and fashion/entertainment/design filmmaker Jake Sumnerto produce a documentary titled “The Plastic Age.” This full-length film highlighted the real impact of plastic consumption on our oceans. Now, the brand has moved forward through another avenue, and launched a capsule collection featuring naturally-dyed jeans for men and women.

G-Star RAW’s Earth Colors collection is a collaboration with Archroma, a Swiss-based company and global leader in the textile industry that specializes in earth-friendly color and dying processes. Anchroma recently came up with and patented EarthColors, a 100% renewable plant based dye system for creating warm, natural-looking shades. The whole wash process in the denim industry is a dirty one, usually requiring an obscene amount of water and the use of toxic chemicals. Anchroma’s work with G-Star has produced a much better solution: dyes made from recycled plant waste. Clothing dyes normally are derived from petroleum, so this is another move on G-Star’s part to help eliminate the world’s dependence on oil and plastics. It also just so happens that Anchroma earned Gold Winner status of the OutDoor Industry Award 2017, in the Sustainable Innovations category!

The 5620 Elwood is the subject for this environmentally-forward collection, in the form of the Staq 3D Mid Waist Skinny. For the men, it comes in the 3D Super Slim. Both the men’s and women’s lines come in three colors: Dark Plum, Asfalt and Mazarine Blue. I absolutely love earthy colors, so this totally vibes with me (apart from the sustainability aspect of course). I’m definitely a fan of the Elwood jean, if you haven’t been able to pick that up already, so I am really stoked about this collection, which launched November 1st.

“As denim innovators we always try to break the rules, in both the style and future-oriented processes. The introduction of EarthColors in the jeans collection of G-Star is the result of a successful collaboration with Archroma. It embodies our sustainable philosophy, featuring our product design from start to finish.” – Frouke Bruinsma, Corporate Responsibility Director, G-Star Raw.

Shop the entire G-Star RAW Earth Colors collection for men and women, here!

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