Who Needs a Segway Anyway?

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Who Needs a Segway Anyway?

I am an avid runner…I’ve always been super high energy, so much in fact that, while I LOVE travel and seeing new things, I always feel suffocated at the thought of not being able to get my workout in! That is, unless, I know there’s going to be a lot of serious, on-your-feet action going on already. So, I was pretty excited to find out about Go! Running Tours! Go! Running Tours was started by two running tour companies, Running Copenhagen and Running Tours Barcelona, and became an umbrella company for other running sightseeing tour companies worldwide, assisting people who desire such tours to find the best, most professional tour guides available. They also aim to promote the idea of running tours as a preferred method of sightseeing by helping improve the industry “in terms of sharing best practice between operators, harvest synergies, support new tour operators and build cross-border partnerships.”

Go! Running Tours currently books tours in 41 cities around the globe, including 16 “Premium Partner Cities” (Paris, London, Barcelona, Copenhage, Prague, Sydney, Cape Town, Toronto, Helsinki, Bergen, Budapest, Madrid, Girona, Brussels, Bilbao, and Brugge) where each run ranges from 6k to a full marathon length, for approximately around €45.00 to €85.00 or so.

Whenever I visit a new place, whether it be a new town or a country, I can’t ever help seeing myself running down every path I see, and when I get the chance on these trips, I do just that! My running shoes and clothes are always a part of my travel bag. I’ve gone running really only in Spokane and London, but those were GREAT runs, and I cannot wait to do it again in a brand new location! I usually love just hitting the pavement (or dirt, or asphault, you name it) on my own, to the sound of my own breathing at my own pace…but after running the SLO Half Marathon in April of 2013, I became aware of the awesome energy that running in a group can bring. A sightseeing tour seems more paced because obviously, who the hell wants to finish a sightseeing tour first…without that competition it sounds like an amazing, rewarding experience 😀

Read more about Go! Running Tours or book a tour here!

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