New Artist Scarves by Sociale Revolution

New Artist Scarves by Sociale Revolution

There is so much insane talent out there in both the apparel and art worlds (even though fashion basically IS art), and I love watching the two fuse together in such a way to get more beautiful pieces out there in the hands of new fans. It definitely helps when artwork is wearable! Sociale Revolution is a brand that has been up front and center in being a catalyst for this movement to happen, and they are one of those companies that I’ve had such a pleasure to work with and watch grow. If you’re new to my blog, Sociale Revolution is a Californian collective aimed at making art more accessible by encouraging its use for social debate, while helping artists gain exposure and giving back to their cultural roots. They began as a Kickstarter back in 2014 and they continue to add amazing artists to their roster, helping them them expand their influence beyond the canvas and onto premium apparel that is crafted and designed with the utmost eye for detail and quality. What sets Sociale Revolution apart from other art-to-clothing companies, however, is that they aren’t just a vehicle for artists, but also their very own fashion label that forms unique bonds with the artists they bring on board.

This past May, I had the pleasure of reviewing an art tank from Sociale Revolution’s Artwear collection, and I still enjoy its unique look and styling possibilities to this day! And now, with the success of Artwear, the brand decided to modernize a classic women’s accessory by designing a beautiful, lightweight and silky-soft scarves collection. Sociale Revolution partnered with even more talented and emerging artists to create these elegant scarves, which are hand finished and made in India of the finest Habotai Silk. Choose from artists Clinton Bopp, Eszter Nagy or Phil Davis (if you can choose just one)! There are six currently available, and I am drooling over them all! See them all below.

Shop the new Sociale Revolution scarves collection here!


  1. Lorna October 6, 2016 / 4:27 am

    Oh my goodness, those scarves are incredible! Those prints!!!!!!! It’s always a shame though that when you wear scarves, the prints are lost as they need to be wrapped around your neck, isn’t it?

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • Lana October 6, 2016 / 9:23 am

      Yay so glad you love them Lorna!! I fell in love with them rather quickly too! I feel the same way you do, but I figure they’d also look beautiful as tapestries on the wall 🙂

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