New Bold Printed Jeans from Joe’s

New Bold Printed Jeans from Joe's

From L to R: Skinny
Ankle in Cheetah Print, Skinny Ankle in Wood Grain Print, High Water in Diamond Vortex

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I wasn’t always partial to printed jeans. Some trends hit me and never really catch on (high waisted, hairy, crotch-hugging denim diaper shorts, anyone?), and yet some take a little time, like the printed denim trend did. Granted though, most of the first ones I saw were all flowery prints that reminded me of a grandma’s drapes…and I don’t really like antique, ornate looking prints, or anything too flowery to begin with. I like bolder patterns—the closer to colorblocking, the better. I’m still shying away from printed leggings (well, I’m not much of a legging person anyway, except for the denim version) but I’ve been fascinated lately with some of the printed jeans that have been spewed out by some of the denim industry’s biggest contenders. Check out these new bold printed jeans from Joe’s Jeans, one of my favorites!

I’d say my favorite out of the three is the cheetah print…maybe because Current Elliott’s famous cheetah print that’s lasted through the years finally settled in with me (check out these babies!! So hot! But sold out…nggh). What do you think?

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