New Colored Jeans to Brighten Up Your Summer Wardrobe

New Colored Jeans to Brighten Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Image: Shopbop

I remember when colored denim first popped up in the premium market, somewhere in the mid to late 2000s. It definitely seemed like a reasonable next step in a trendy sense, but this was still in the relatively early stages of the days of premium denim, when skinny jeans were still working on grasping a hold on the market. The super stretchy fabric technologies used widely today weren’t quite around yet and bootcut styles were still pretty darn popular. At the time, it seemed consumers were more interested in what brand insignia was displayed across their behinds rather than fit, feel or wash, but that’s not to say those weren’t important selling points. From my memory, when celebrities were first seen wearing colored denim, a lot of people weren’t quite ready for it yet. Nowadays, more and more people crave simplicity and well fitting pants regardless of the brand, and seem to be more willing to have fun with color, especially now that a lot of style influences from the ’90s have returned, thanks in part to the booming festival fashion market with the younger crowd.

Either way, brands like Express and Old Navy have for the most part, always had brighter colors when summer came around, and nowadays I see premium denim brands releasing colored denim every Summer, along with the usual jewel tones (or earth tones like olive green, burgundy or bronze) for the Fall. It’s always fun to take a look at all the colors of denim pieces every time the weather warms up, so I figured I’d scrounge together some to share here. Since skinny jeans are obviously the most popular cut nowadays, they made up almost everything I found, but I know because of the stretchier fabrics they are made to fit almost anyone nowadays. L’AGENCE also seemed to be the leading brand for colored skinnies as well, with their best-selling Margot high rise. I reviewed it last year and will definitely vouch for its fit and feel!

Here are some bright, fun colored jeans, skirts and shorts from online retailers Shopbop, Revolve and of course, American Eagle Outfitters because of their amazing value for the price. I always suggest them when people ask me for high quality jeans on a budget!

Shop more colored denim from Revolve here, Shopbop here, and American Eagle Outfitters here.

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