New Denim and Blues from AEO

New Denim and Blues from AEO

American Eagle Outfitters is one of those brands that I feel has grown up along with me. They’ve been a favorite since all the way back in my early college days! Back then, most of what they carried seem to be catered specifically to the college student, but they’ve done something that not many other lifestyle brands have done: been willing to change, stayed attentive to consumer demand and kept up with some amazing innovations, especially with their denim and the introduction of their one-size-fits-all brand Don’t Ask Why. They’ve grown way beyond their current age boundaries and now offer pieces for any stylish lady to wear. I remember when I was just getting into denim, I wasn’t all that fond of theirs (I was instead obsessed with their sheer tees back in the day) due to the fact that much of it seemed so-so, and didn’t fit me all that well. Now, they’ve payed attention to what the best premium brands in the industry were doing, especially when it came to competing with the athleisure industry. AEO jeans have come a LONG way, and I have to say if there was one non-premium brand I wear, this is it. In fact, sometimes I feel they have crossed into the premium realm, and with the release of their amazingly soft, stretchy, and shape-keeping Denim X line in 2014 they pretty much solidified their place in the premium denim market. This line has since expanded into several sub-collections and from what I’ve read, AEO is doing incredibly well compared to most other lifestyle brands who were hit a LOT harder by the economy, and will be here to stay for a long time. AEO’s new denim additions stick with the high vintage denim demand, almost looking like something out of RE/DUN! The distressed boyfriend has been a huge looker since Spring and AEO knows the trend is not going anywhere fast. The same goes with flares and denim shirts. Along with their new arrivals come a few non-denim pieces with a very denim appeal like sweaters and pullovers, a super cute lace up denim dress, a chambray skirt, and of course, they stuck with their tried and true denim shorts. I grabbed my favorites from these new arrivals and listed them below!

New Denim and Blues from AEO - Tomgirl Jean

Image: American Eagle Outfitters. Tomgirl Jean in Slash & Patch (Rigid), Faded Super Rip Torn (Stretch), and Blown Out Blue (Stretch).

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