New Environmentally Conscious Activewear from H&M

New Environmentally Conscious Activewear from H&M

Image: H&M

I know, you’re probably all sick and tired of hearing about activewear. After all, it’s proven to be a fairly trendy—and thus lucrative—business, so it seems there are new companies popping up every day trying to cash in on the trend. However, H&M isn’t quite new to activewear. I bought some of theirs way back in 2006 once on a trip to London, when I realized that yes, I still had the urge to go on jogs even though I was on sort of a vacation…so I went shopping for the cheapest workout clothes I could find. I still wear those items today, and am surprised how long they’ve held up. Over the years I’ve moved to purchasing from tried and true active brands like Puma, Lolé, and Under Armor, but I’m still always curious what brands that don’t cater primarily to the activewear market come up with in that department. H&M isn’t completely new to sustainability, so it’s no surprise that on December 28th of last year, they released a collection of eco-friendly activewear!

This new sportswear collection is modern, simple but fashion-forward, “inspired by nature and strong women”. Released in stores on December 28 and online on January 4th, it includes a range of sports bras, hoodies, tanks, leggings and more, with earth-inspired colors and prints. Like all activewear, it is designed to whick away moisture as you sweat and move with you through squats, lunges, runs, or whatever gets you moving. It also features flattering cuts, fashion-forward webbing, built in holes for ventilation and seamless support. Everything is made with recycled polyester and elastane. H&M is quickly moving from a known fast fashion brand to a fashion forward, sustainable company, and I’m loving it!

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Image: H&M

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Image: H&M

“Revolving around the theme of “In it for the long run”, the activewear collection includes a versatile range of tights, sports bras, hoodies and tops for training, running and yoga. There is an emphasis on nature and sustainability, through the prints and the colour palette of green tones, black and beige, but also the predominant use of recycled polyester and elastane in each and every piece.”

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Image: H&M

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Image: H&M

“The garments have functional details such as being quick-dry and seamless for maximum comfort, plus built-in support and holes for ventilation. Designs are fresh, figure-flattering and fashion-forward with contrast panelling, criss-cross backs and decorative webbing. The result is a truly modern activewear collection that reflects the importance of conscious fashion today.”

“This collection also characterises H&M’s continued commitment to sustainability and is just one of the several steps H&M is making towards their overall goal of becoming 100% circular. Ultimately, H&M want to create a closed loop for textiles in which unwanted clothes can be reused or recycled into new treasures.”

“By bringing together the functional and feminine, the aim is to give customers a stylish, conscious sports collection. And not just through the fabrics – we utilised a new knitting technique that creates seamless garments while using less yarn or fabric waste. Blending function with sustainable thinking and fashion in this way is the way forward.” -Petra Smeds, Head Designer of sportswear

Shop more sustainable activewear from H&M, along with their regular activewear collection, here!


  1. Lorna January 16, 2018 / 3:29 pm

    I’m glad big brands like H&M are being more socially conscious now! It helps the pieces are cute too!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • Lana January 17, 2018 / 10:07 am

      Agreed! 🙂

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