New Fun Flares from Hudson Jeans

New Fun Flares from Hudson Jeans

Image: Hudson.

At one time I was mostly a bootcut kind of girl…and then my first favorite pair of jeans was a straight cut from Gap. Then as time went on and fits and fabric content improved, I fell for the skinny jean, and it still is my staple piece. Out of all the jeans I own, probably 80% are of the skinny kind! When looser cuts like flares and bootcuts popped up again last Spring, I didn’t really give it much thought, but lately the flare has grown on me again. They definitely are more flattering on curvier shapes, accentuating that hourglass shape, and tend to fit better in the hips and waist more often than not. The style is still going very strong (it probably helps that the bohemian trend never really truly dies) and it’s been fun seeing all the different renditions of flares from all of my favorite brands.

Hudson has always yielded great fits for me, and I have yet to own one of their totally cute flare styles, although I own a few skinnies and the Beth Baby Boot. I was excited to get an email from them recently highlighting the Tyler Flare in Altair, seen above, because it features raw hems! This is one trend that I am more than happy to see sticking around for awhile; somehow, it never gets old. It keeps getting reinvented, and applied in different ways.
Hudson not only added raw hems to the leg openings of almost all their new flare styles, but the Tyler Flare in Altair has a raw hem along the waistline! This is such a unique look. Also unique are a handful of other flares I picked off their site for this post, especially the beautiful Laurel High Waist Patchwork Flare in Radio Silence (seen below)! This looks like it came right out of the flower child era but it applies so well to modern design. Check below for my favorites from Hudson’s current line of flares!

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