New Luxury Vegan Handbags by Angela Roi

New Luxury Vegan Handbags by Angela Roi

Image: Angela Roi

As time goes on in this journey of mine through sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly and cruelty-free style, I continue to grow impressed with the high quality variety of vegan options out there. I’m not vegan myself, although I do opt for vegan or vegetarian alternatives often when it comes to sustenance. Usually I prefer leather in the form of bags and shoes, usually because this material is known for its durability and ability to improve with age. However, I’ve been enlightened on multiple occasions with several brands! Angela Roi is one of them—they a luxury handbag brand that caught my eye almost two years ago, with their beautiful collection of bags made from vegan leather (EPUL, or Exquisite Polyurethane Leather). The second thing that kept my attention was the fact that each bag came in a color that corresponded to a certain charity, which a portion of that bag’s proceeds. The cherry on top is sweatshop-free manufacturing with fair wages as well as support for skilled artisans, who craft these beautiful bags. They are all set at a great price point too! Read my post from October 2015 on Angela Roi here!

Today, the brand still thrives and has released several new bags and wallets with the same gorgeous modern flare as the ones that came before them. All bags support humane animal shelters that help our furry friends with rehabilitation, food supplies and medical care. Angela Roi bags are made with quality fabrics and durable thread, and feature gold hardware, magnetic snap buttons, and durable zipper closures. The EPUL is even processed multiple times to attain a special smooth texture! In addition, they offer free returns and exchanges on all orders. Their latest release is the super cute Sunday Mini below, and like all other bags, it comes in an awesome variety of colors toned down enough to work with any outfit or occasion (and you know me, I’m not all about those bright shades). I still haven’t had the opportunity to check out one of these bags in person, but they’ve been on my radar long enough, and have received so much positive press…I may just have to cave at some point…starting with that Mini!

“At Angela Roi, the belief is that the goodness of people has the calibre to alter the world for the better. In addition to the grandeur of luxury, we hope to pave a path of altruism. With passion, creativity and innovation it is not only possible to progress as a brand but promisingly make our planet a kinder place.”

“Nothing breaks a warm loving heart like seeing a mistreated puppy. Love for animals may have been the spark for this venture but it definitely did not stop there. From humans to animals, we believe a happy planet is where everyone is safe and jubilant.”

“We believe in constant evolution. We believe in improving unceasingly, from the quality of our products to the wellness of our world. We believe that by nourishing the world we nurture ourselves.”

“We proudly stand against animal cruelty and do our best to support mistreated animals with our donations to local shelters. In the quest of making the world a kinder place for animals, we will continue supporting humane shelters which help animals with rehabilitation, emergency care and food supplies. We will keep working to convey that fashion doesn’t depend on cruelty.”

“We pay special attention to the fair practice setting. We strive for a great work environment and fair wage. We firmly stand against child labor. To ensure all of these criteria are met at the factories, our correspondents visit them quarterly to inspect the conditions. We aim to create a different kind luxury.”

New Luxury Vegan Handbags by Angela Roi - Eleanor Satchel

Image: Angela Roi. Eleanor Satchel (Pictured here in Dusty Rose for Bloomingdales, available here)

How beautiful are these! Shop more at the Angela Roi website here or at Bloomingdales here.

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