New Nomadic Street Style Looks from Psylo

When I look back at the Oregon Eclipse festival my husband and I attended last year, I not only think about how incredible that life-changing cosmic spectacle was…but also all of the amazing apparel vendors I discovered. I know I had mentioned I’d cover them all, but I haven’t even gotten close. I did highlight my favorites though! Eternal Mode, Symbolika, SoulCrafts and Psylo were four I hadn’t seen before that stood out to me, and it’s been fun watching these independent brands grow and come out with new designs. I am such a huge fan of earthy, boho, festival style that looks like it belongs in the desert or forest rather than bouncing around with my squad at Coachella (not that there’s anything wrong with that), because of the intricate and one of a kind creativity, attention to detail, and the importance placed on earth-friendly fabrics and processes. Plus, I always love supporting the little guys. I figured I’d revisit a favorite…I’m once again drooling at several new nomadic street style looks from Psylo!

As linked above, I wrote about Psylo shortly after the festival. This brand has some of the most beautiful and unique alternative pieces I’ve ever seen, and calls themselves “pioneers of the ‘Ethno Punk’ style.” With in-house production rooted in Bali, Psylo has flagship stores stationed around the globe, and their headquarters are located in the United Kingdom. As a concept developed by a group of global travelers and creatives, the brand sees themselves more of a lifestyle than a clothing company, which definitely explains these exceptional designs (to truly create, you have to LIVE it!). Everything is made out of organic or recycled materials, hand-made and hand-printed, and is part of a movement—to help move the world away from the wastefulness of fast fashion. They also lately committed to being 99% plastics free by 2020, and run a blog highlighting their efforts and concerns about sustainability.

Feast your eyes on Psylo’s newest pieces for women (there are men’s styles as well, which are just as cool!). These are my most coveted!!

“Every Psylo piece of clothing is more than stitched fabrics thrown together to meet the demand of trendsetters. It is the result of a deeply-thought-of process of alchemy – ancient art, sacred symbolism, contemporary art, cultural history, and the essence of humanity.”

“They say necessity is the mother of invention and Psylo’s clothing designs evolved out of a real need. Psylo’s founders, as other global travelers, tribal explorers, surfers, dancers and seekers of new experiences, realised that the clothes they wanted and needed for their personal expression and their adventurous lifestyles had not yet been made. So as they hiked in the Amazon jungle, climbed the Himalayas, traveled between cities worldwide and danced under the moon, they began to create the comfortable, stylish and fun clothes they needed for their personal expression and their individual lifestyles.”

“Over the years, the label matured and expanded into an international creative team with in-house production in Bali and flag shops around the world. Still, each Psylo garment is individually handmade and hand printed, using natural & organic fabrics wherever we can. All in order to maintain the original spirit of Psylo and reduce our impact on the environment.”

“Rebelling against fast fashion trends in the global village, Psylo upholds pride in its originality and sustainability. Ethical and environmentally friendly, each piece is a timeless work of art and self expression, created in the Psylo style. Infusing a strong essence of various Ethnic elements from different cultures, with a hint of bold, edgy, rebel and punk elements – making Psylo pioneers of the “Ethno Punk” style.”

“Psylo thrives on delivering a sense of free expression through our alternative designs and celebrate individualities within collective consciousness as a whole.”

Shop more from Psylo here, and visit their blog here!

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