New Patchwork Denim Designs from 7 For All Mankind

As mentioned earlier with my post about Hudson’s awesome new arrivals, it’s so fun to see what these premium denim brands come up with each season considering the denim market is so incredibly competitive and saturated nowadays. The creative ideas the best designers can conjure up with a material that most people find to be quite basic is so inspiring to see (and probably why my denim collection will never stop growing). Even within specific trends, it’s so rad to see the brightest minds stay afloat with fresh takes over and over again. Patchwork is one of those trends that’s not quite new, but it always feels like it is because of all the cool new styles that come out every year. I’ve written about patchwork several times, like with my review of Sonas Denim and the Pedal Star skinnies by Closed a couple of years beforehand. While this trend goes years back, it never really feels overdone. I never feel like it’s commonly revisited, despite how fun it is.

7 For All Mankind is another household name brand that is always re-innovating themselves, and they’ve just released several new patchwork designs of their own. Whenever patchwork styles re-emerge in the market, it’s usually in the form of jeans, but this amazing brand has created a variety of items: a rockin’ dress, a jacket, a bomber jacket, a skirt, a shirt, a freaking stylin’ corset belt (seriously how cool is that thing), and of course a pair of jeans too. The dress and jeans feature raw edges as well, which is a finish that also came out several years ago (and I’ve dug it ever since). These new releases don’t all make up a huge collection, which means extra attention was put into each piece, and plenty of interest is left for future designs. Is this a clever tactic by 7 For All Mankind or something I just thought of as a possibility? Who knows, but I’d like to consider the former.

Which one is your favorite?


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