New Stylish Summer Bags from Madewell

New Stylish Summer Bags from Madewell

Image: Madewell

When most of us think of Summertime in the fashion sense, we probably think of bright shades, fun whimsical prints and frilly details. While there is plenty of that out there, those thoughts come primarily from our wild and free childhoods—for me, at least. These kinds of motifs aren’t hard to find for those who enjoy them as adults (Lilly Pulitzer, anyone?), but if you’re like me, you might prefer more modern, minimal, toned down earthy shades for warm weather vacations, beach parties or trips to the pool. I like darker shades, but every now and then I might bust out of my rut and go for something at least slightly more playful. While writing this, I’m thinking a lot about swimwear, but for this post I’m going to focus on another Summer addiction…bags! The excessive enjoyment I get from fashionable containment isn’t limited to any season in particular, but my taste buds just re-activated when I saw a collection of new stylish Summer bags from Madewell! I already have plenty of pieces to carry my essentials to whatever these brighter months may bring, but I guess maybe I do like some whimsy after all…in the form of styling flexibility!

Madewell is known mostly for their amazing denim fits, but also for their clean and modern appeal for adults of all sizes who want to dress fashionably without being too…adult-like. Gone are the days when the frumpy looking women’s section and the fun, carefree junior’s section were the only two clothing departments available for us females in department stores. I’ve been following and writing about this brand for awhile due to this, and also because of their awesome sustainable swimwear line. However, Madewell also excels in the handbag market! I absolutely love their minimalist leather totes, but there are also many with plenty of those brighter Summer vibes that are perfect for the beach, pool, or exotic vacation (even more of a reason to grab one of those eco friendly bikinis!). Some of these designs are so awesomely unique that I also imagine them being carried down a Tuscan street or picnic with friends in Golden Gate Park.

Here are some new stylish summer bags from Madewell that I feel deserve to be highlighted (and some of those nice clean leather bags, because they deserve it too)!

Shop Madewell’s entire bag collection here, and while you’re at it, shop some of those sustainable swimwear pieces here!

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