New Summer Shorts for Muscular Women from Fran Denim

Muscular Woman in Fran Denim Shorts

Image: Fran Denim

Women everywhere, no matter the size, always know the struggle of finding jeans that fit. Fortunately, ever since premium denim became popular in the early 2000s, several brands have drastically made that process a little less painful due to improved fits and fabrics that better form to your shape, but to say this issue has completely been remedied would be a bit of a stretch (no pun intended). This is especially the case if you have a more muscular or curvy build, and with the rise of weightlifting as an incredible and beneficial workout for women, a few brands have stepped up to the plate to make the denim world a bit more inclusive. Fran Denim has been one of my top brands that are made fit more ample shapes, as I am naturally a bit muscular but also strength train. I’ve reviewed a few pairs myself (see one here, and here…the second being my favorite) so I can definitely vouch for them! Another great pair that also fits the bill is Barbell, but I’ll have to give them their own post soon (it’s about time I highlight them again anyhow). With the summer being upon us and the subject matter being the aforementioned brand, I thought I’d share some new shorts for muscular women from Fran Denim.

It can be tough seeing nothing but slender women in ads promoting summer apparel, but I’m happy to see the growing body positive movement promoting confidence for everyone to break out and do whatever makes them live their best lives. As someone who started lifting weights a few years ago, I know how much strength training helps build confidence, especially for women! It definitely makes me feel my very best every time I leave the house or attack a new obstacle in life. I am fortunate to have a naturally slender athletic build, but I know that isn’t the case for everyone. Thankfully, brands like Fran Denim have answered the call for those who simply want to be stylish and comfortable too. We all have different fitness goals, and some of us don’t, and that’s alright, but we’ve all seen all those Instagram posts from fitness influencers…lifting tends to create a lifted, shapely butt and thighs, and a smaller waist. Fran jeans are made with a smaller waist and more ample hip room to kill that annoying waist gap, for those hourglass shapes among us.

This awesome line of denim shorts covers all the classic washes, as well as fits, with both short and longer inseams. Sizes range from what most of us are used to in the premium denim world – 24 to 31, which might not be as inclusive as some might like, but then again, this brand is aimed mostly at those who are proud of their work in the gym. In addition, you can still be a small size 25 and feel like most brands don’t fit your shape! Fran Denim’s pieces are mostly cotton for durability, but include just enough stretch to comfortably hug your curves.

Here are some of my favorite standout pieces from Fran Denim’s collection of shorts for muscular women!

As stated above, Fran Denim also has a full line of full length and cropped jeans…here I am in a favorite pair in my closet from the brand. This is from 2017, when I was about two years into weight training. As linked above, you can see my review for them here.

Fran Denim Kelly Crop Jeans Review - Front Angle

If you like these shorts and want to see more of what this rad brand has to offer, shop more here!


    • Lana June 27, 2019 / 10:07 am

      Yay!! I’m so happy to help get this awesome brand out there! I’m glad you like them! If you get a pair, let me know what you think!

      xo Lana

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