New Sustainable Jeans for Spring from J Brand

New Sustainable Jeans for Spring from J Brand

Image: J Brand

The fashion world is becoming more and more conscious of the importance of shopping sustainably, even though fast fashion still seems to be going strong. It’s an interesting paradox, but I’m glad to know more and more brands are realizing the need to be better. Denim is a dirty industry, considering the immense water usage and toxic chemicals needed to create those beautiful lived-in fades and feel that we are always looking for in the perfect pair of jeans. However, the tide is changing. I’ve written about many of these companies, but J Brand is one that has made some pretty impressive strides over most of them. This awesome brand has just taken a huge step further with their Spring 2020 sustainable jeans collection!

In 2018, J Brand released their first eco-friendly denim capsule collection. Last April, I wrote about their second sustainable collection with some fairly impressive stats: plans for 50% of women’s denim to be sustainable and 100% of men’s, using 99% less water and several styles using 30% recycled cotton, with a statement goal to be 100% sustainable across the board. Their new Spring 2020 collection fulfills their promise, with 94% of all indigo washes in this new collection being utilized with their new Eco Wash process which reduces the water usage by 90% more than any other premium denim competitor. By the end of this year, 100% of the brand’s washed denim will be produced with their exclusive sustainable technologies. The denim industry also produces a lot of waste, but J Brand partners with G&A Apparel Group to recycle unused fabric for insulation in cars, homes and mattresses, which saves about 40,000 pounds of waste per month.

It’s a competitive world, and even though fast fashion might be growing with the younger crowd, there has been a shift amongst the more discerning stylistas of the world, and it’s been so satisfactory to see what these brands with power have been doing to answer this demand. Check out some key pieces from J Brand’s new sustainable jeans from their Spring 2020 collection below, and see more ways J Brand is working to be kinder to our planet!

“Our Spring 2020 collection is here, and it’s a whole new world for J Brand. Maternal health advocate and model Christy Turlington Burns stars in the campaign, which highlights what we are best known for: our impeccable denim fits and our unmatched sustainable innovations.”

“As a citizen, as a consumer, the choices we make reflect our values. Given all we know about the social and environmental impact of our footprints, these choices are not only important, they are critical.” – Christy Turlington Burns”

“Our exclusive Eco Wash process reduces the water required to wash denim by an unparalleled average of 90%—more than any competitor in the premium denim market.”

“94% of all indigo washes in our Spring 2020 collection are produced utilizing our Eco Wash process.”

“We pledge to apply sustainable technologies to 100% of our washed denim by the end of this year.”

“We partner with G&A Apparel Group, who recycles all our unused fabric scraps into insulation for homes, cars, and mattresses—thus diverting bout 40,000 pounds of fabric a month.”

“We utilize sustainable hangtags on all styles, and recycled thread and hardware whenever possible.”

“Led by a new generation, the fashion world is now imbued with a higher consciousness. Mindless consumption is officially—finally—out of style.”

“At J Brand, we believe in creating jeans with purpose. Jeans that fit beautifully—even perfectly. But, more importantly—jeans that are made to last. Jeans that are truly ived in and loved, season after season, wear after wear. Jeans that take on the unique patina of the individual who wears them.”

“Above all, we make jeans that integrate sustainable practices from the very moment of conception through the delivery of the final product. Jeans that are free of harmful chemicals. Jeans that are made with 90% less water. Jeans that reduce waste to almost zero. Jeans that minimize our impact on both the planet and the artisans who make our clothes.”

“Our promise is simple: Jeans made better—for a better world. Because we believe that fashion doesn’t mean all that much if it isn’t shaping a better tomorrow.”

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