New Unique Denim Pieces for Summer from BLANKNYC

I’ve been a huge fan of BLANKNYC for quite some time now! My experience writing reviews and content for has been such a great way to become more familiar with several brands I only window shopped in the virtual sense before, and this one has stuck with me strongly since then. I’d say they bridge the gap between the premium market and the more affordable side of contemporary fashion—they aren’t cheap, but the prices are awesome considering the edgy creativity and quality that goes into this super fun brand. So in that sense, I find them very affordable! I have a few of their jeans (the Skinny Classique in Good Vibes being my favorite), but it’s their jackets (especially their embroidered ones) that I seriously want to fill my closet with! The Embroidered Vegan Leather Jacket in As You Wish was a hit last year and is one of my favorites, as is a blue tie dyed piece and the Sea of Flowers jacket (shown below), which I recently acquired! There are so many more still on my wish list, even discontinued ones that I’ve had bookmarked on both Poshmark and eBay for years! I have to avoid looking at their site too much or my list grows longer and longer…

Denim has taken several interesting turns over the years, with all sorts of gnarly releases that made global headlines and sparked collective eye rolls. It’s tough to be original nowadays with such a simple concept that’s been around since Levi’s first released workwear in 1873. BLANKNYC somehow manages to make their creative license truly apparent within their work, so every now and then I do have to risk increasing my bloated wish list by checking in with them! Especially when I feel it’s time to share some favorites with all of you. So without too much more ado, here are some of my favorite pieces of denim (and non-denim) pieces for Summer and beyond from BLANKNYC.

Shop more BLANKNYC on their website here, or at Shopbop, REVOLVE, Nordstrom, Bluefly or Bloomingdales. Some discounted pieces can also be found on 6pm or Nordstrom Rack, a few other sites I like to frequent!

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