Nok Nok and the Summer of Love 2016

Nok Nok and the Summer of Love 2016 - Mr Nok Nok

Mr. Nok Nok (Image:Nok Nok London)

Nok Nok and the Summer of Love 2016

There’s obviously no question that rock n’ roll, art and fashion go together like cheese and crackers, and that pretty much describes my life (minus the cheese). so I am ALWAYS excited to discover fashion brands that understand the marrying of all three and pull it off with effortless style. Many go for it, but some just seem like complete naturals and live it to a T. Nok Nok is a denim/contemporary fashion brand out of London, inspired by “vibrant subcultures mixed with the freedom, hippie vibe and nightlife from Ibiza, the Spanish island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.” Ibiza? You have my attention. Being an electronic music DJ, that word is music to my ears, as the party capital of the world that us dance music buffs dream of visiting one day.

Angel NokoNoko is the designer and face behind the brand Nok Nok, and he and his sister Montse are both from Ibiza. The endless energy of the Spanish city’s nightlife inspired the brand, after Angel graduated from Central Saint Martins and gained experience from various high-profile fashion jobs in Paris and even ran a high-end menswear brand. Montse used to model and dance, and moved to London after she studied fashion business in Barcelona. Even as a teen, Angel had a fashion bug, customizing jeans and other fabrics for himself and friends and parading around in his creations at nightclubs once night fell, and gaining a name for himself as someone who knew a thing or two about creating unique pieces. Oh, and get this…Angel is now also a DJ, rocking spots such as Ibiza itself, Tokyo and London, of course. He also runs the The Nok Nok Radio Show at London’s underground Dejavufm.

Nok Nok and the Summer of Love 2016 - Jeans

Currently available Nok Nok women’s jeans. Emi, Francesca, Jasmine, Lilac and Skin

Nok Nok already carries a pretty gorgeous looking denim line, and next year’s line looks incredible, further proving the blend with fashion and art. I recently received the brand’s press release for next year’s Summer of Love collection, which is part II of a series, so I’ll just let that do all the talking!

Nok Nok and the Summer of Love 2016 - Jackson Pollock 2

Image: Nok Nok

Nok Nok delivers chapter II of the Summer of Love collection, a story where a passionate relationship intensifies. The collectionʼs narrative is reflective through the design of each look. The inside-out denim effect used in both the jeans and shirts is reflective of deeper feelings being exposed within the relationship. Whilst the maturity of the relationship is shown through simplistic design and sophisticated colours.

Nok Nok and the Summer of Love 2016 - Jackson Pollock

Image: Nok Nok

Inspiration behind key pieces from this collection originates from Jackson Pollockʼs action paintings showcased at Tate Liverpool. These handmade jeans follow Pollockʼs energetic ʻdripʼ technique, covering the denim with colourful paint whilst being completely washable. Native American cherokee weave and cracked wax cottons explores textural detail whilst the inside-out denim challenges manufacturing and design.

Nok Nok and the Summer of Love 2016 - Shirt

Image: Nok Nok

Light Japanese indigo denim has been used to create oversized shirts which also function as dresses as an additional feature for this collection. The polka dot fabric brings a fresh and summery vibe whilst touches of raw edges keeps Nok Nokʼs effortlessly cool and rocky signature style visible throughout each look.

Nok Nok and the Summer of Love 2016 - Jackson Pollock 3

Image: Nok Nok

Music and partying has remained a permanent influence of the Nok Nok brandʼs DNA. Traces of disco and 70ʼs fashion follow throughout this collection, generated from Mr Nok Nok birth place in Ibiza. There is a large focus on using cool, wearable fabrics to go dancing in without restrain. In
particular, the jean style ʻFiestaʼ is made out of an electric blue cracked waxed cotton with enough stretch in it to ʻtwerkʼ all night long. Quality and fit has been at the forefront of the brandʼs integrity. The brandʼs celebrity following includes Ellie Golding, Laura Whitmore, Kimberly Wyatt and Marky Ramone, to name just a few. Imminent exciting collaborations and projects are sure to solidify the brandʼs position in the fashion industry as a ʻone to watchʼ.

Nok Nok and the Summer of Love 2016 - Shirt, shorts, jeans

Image: Nok Nok

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Check out Nok Nok’s first feature at NEO 2 in Spain here.

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