Nomads Hemp Wear in the Park

I was so excited to share the Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2018 line for you guys a little while back, mostly because it’s one of my top go-to brands. This Canadian brand creates super affordable and high quality sustainable and ethical pieces and have definitely established a solid place in my wardrobe! I have numerous pieces from them, and I was stoked for them to have sent me this gorgeous piece, the Revelation Tunic. Made from hemp terry, it’s created with contrasting panels, raw edges and eye catching yet modest detailing. It’s also super super soft, and also comes in several other color options! The brand says “this tunic is equal parts urban night out and cozy day at the cabin,” and I can’t disagree. I’ve worn this to work, to get cozy at friends’ houses, and to wander around the town, just as I do with everything else I own from the brand! That’s yet one of the things that makes their work so amazing…the versatility. Pretty much every one of their pieces in my closet also sits proudly as part of my festival wear collection.

My leggings are from another brand I’m working with currently, Seed of Creation. They are brand new and will be featured in another post soon, along with a matching bra top! These are truly unique, with the gold ink actually being infused with crushed crystals. You want to check these guys out if you haven’t yet heard of them (and I’m sure you haven’t—they are yet ANOTHER seriously underrated brand). So stay tuned! I love reviewing denim, but I am so excited to share some product from brands that fit my true passion: independent, ethical and sustainable brands!

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 2

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 3

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 4

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 5

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 6

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 6

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 7

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 8

Shop the Nomad’s Hemp Wear Revelation Tunic here!

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