Old Navy Introduces Stain Repellent White Jeans

Old Navy Introduces Stain Repellent White Jeans

Images: Old Navy

I’ll be honest…I’ve always been terrified to wear anything white, especially denim. I’m pretty sure I’m preaching to the choir about that one. When I reviewed Marc Allison’s Gina Bootcut in White, I was excited to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and try something new, because white denim really can look pretty darn spiffy after all! This jean was constructed with the see-through fear in mind, made with thicker denim that lived up to its expectations. I thought, ‘awesome.’ However, I was still afraid to wear them out anywhere other than work and maybe a super clean fancy dinner (opting for white instead of red wine)! Later down the road, other brands began releasing more white jeans to attack those universal fears. Level 99 came out with their Forever White collection, and Joe’s released their Spotless line, urging wearers to ‘Play dirty, stay spotless.” As awesome as these were though, I realize that to many, spending a premium price on a pair of jeans might still be out of the question, much less a pair that still causes one to harbor the concerns that come along with wearing the lightest shade of all!

Old Navy is the latest to come up with an answer. Their Mid-Rise Stay-White Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans are made to repel stains and stay white through wash after wash and wear after wear. According to Refinery29, Melissa Morrin, Old Navy’s senior designer for women’s denim stated “The pairs are…treated with a stain-resistant wash, which makes liquids roll off the surface, magically, making the jeans perform well with many of your everyday liquid spills like coffee, juice, and wine; and combat more difficult stains after one wash.” Seriously, go check out that article here…these jeans were put through some pretty rough testing which included red wine and coffee. These threatening liquids rolled right off! The best part for bargain shoppers out there is that these retail for only $44.94. Old Navy also always has coupon codes out and special offers, so you’re sure to find a great deal on these!

The states that in the future, this special stain-repellent fabric will be applied to other garments within the Old Navy line, but for now, it’s pretty awesome to see them joining the fight for white jeans. These babies are made from a 2% spandex, 39% polyester, 59% cotton blend, so they look to be super comfortable as well. I personally have not yet tried any jeans from Old Navy yet, but I do have a pair of their Rockstar utility pants from a few years ago that I still love! I talk a lot about premium denim, but there are definitely some gems among the more wallet-friendly brands out there too.

Since it’s obvious white denim is making a comeback, and Spring has pretty much arrived, I think it’s safe to say these are a real deal! Grab a pair for yourself right here!

Read the more extensive Refinery29 article, which includes the coffee and red wine test here.

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