Organic Handmade Denim Jackets by Kinetic Couture

So it’s been about a week and a half since my favorite event on the face of the planet: Lucidity Festival. For those just tuning in now, I am inspired so much by all of the independent apparel vendors at conscious festivals, especially this one! Since I started this blog writing about denim, it can be a difficult transition to mix a lot of these styles into my blog (although I’ll write about any of them that truly fit my style, as there are truly tons of great ones out there), but sometimes I find gems…handmade and sustainable brands that also use denim! One of these small businesses is one I saw last year at Lucidity and I was happy to see return to this year’s is Kinetic Couture.

Kinetic Couture is a brand out of Washington, founded by Marion Ray and Michael Brinker in 2012. Like many brands of its type, this one excels at creating sustainable apparel primarily for festivals, but they also hold a value to help educate others about the importance of buying locally, what sustainability means and how much better one feels when shopping with both in mind. I always love stopping by their booth, but what really caught my eye the most and set them apart are their absolutely beautiful organic denim handmade jackets! For real here…some of the detailing is incredible, and Marion was explaining to me last year how the pleats on the sleeves in the first photo above start off as one large strip and are meticulously sewn up by hand. They are made from super soft, medium weight organic stretch denim, and these photos don’t do them justice! She also creates super cool vests for men (also pictured below), which also exude the same post-apocalyptic or dark carnival appeal. Even though these pieces are marketed mostly to festival goers, but they definitely add some much needed uniqueness to everyday fashion! If you’re really looking for something unique and different, this is it, and I DEFINITELY need one of these in the near future!

“This shop was started by Marion Ray and Michael Brinker, and powerful duo that are melding the worlds of art and clothing. We hand make everything we sell ourselves, never manufactured in a factory, never mass produced.”

“Our clothing is made from the highest quality, sustainable and organic fabrics that hold up with washing, drying and tough wear. Our styles are always meant to be comfortable, supportive and complimentary. When you order from us, you are ordering straight from the artists and you will be getting one of the highest quality garments you will find anywhere!”

“We are a business that has several missions underlying our main ones. First and foremost our mission is to offer a fully sustainable product that is designed and created with the highest intention and quality possible. Within this paradigm we also strive to empower and uplift people everywhere through our H’art Wear and continually bring in the next new level.”

“Education is also a goal we have here, to educate people about buying locally, what sustainable is and the difference in feeling when you choose to buy products made by the artists or produced locally over outsourcing.”

“We strive to change the paradigm, to help our communities grow by (in the future as we have no employees now) employing people within our communities to help produce our crafts and strengthening local economies. We believe in the community, in showing up for YOU and all of our loved ones and moving into the future together.”

Shop all Kinetic Couture here!


  1. James kleinman August 31, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    Love your work and am putting together a dance routine and my partner and I would love to contact you to maybe make 2 vests

    • Lana September 17, 2018 / 4:35 pm

      Hi James! I’m glad you like them, but this isn’t my work. I just write about cool stuff. You should click one of the links and contact Kinetic Couture directly! 🙂 xo

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