Patched and Embroidered Denim for Fall

Patched and Embroidered Denim for Fall

The artistry within the denim community is one aspect that keeps me hooked. When ripped jeans first got popular over ten years ago, I started by buying my own pair and ripping them myself, then added rhinestones and patches all over them, based on a pair I had seen at either Abercrombie or Hollister (same thing basically…but can’t remember specifically). Way before that, in high school, I enjoyed putting embroidered patches all over my backpack, but hadn’t ever considered putting them on clothing. Jeans with cute embroidery have been floating around the market more than before now, and it’s so fun seeing all of the different designs available! It further pushes the notion that denim is like a canvas, ready for a designer (or designer at heart) to have at it and express their creativity, just like with painted jeans. A lot of them bring out a cool flower child-ish ’70s vibe which obviously fits me pretty well if you’ve been reading my blog long enough!

Fall is almost here already, and I think patched and embroidered jeans would be perfect to match the falling leaves and changing colors of the season. Springtime is also another season that I feel these embroidered jeans fit well within, but that’s a subject for a much later post! Here are some of the best I could find out on the market right now, starting with two beautiful styles that are part of Level 99’s Fall/Winter 2016 lookbook: the Allie Mid Rise in High Street (above) and Level 99 Amber Slouchy in Point Dume (below). Which is your favorite?

Patched and Embroidered Denim for Fall - Asos

Images: Asos. Glamorous Petite Embroidered Girlfriend Jean (Petite or Tall) and Glamorous Tall Boyfriend Jean With Embroidered Leg


    • Lana September 2, 2016 / 11:33 am

      Right?? I can’t wait until these are available!!

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