Patchwork and Vintage Appeal from CURRENT/ELLIOTT

Patchwork and Vintage Appeal from CURRENT/ELLIOTT

First of all, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I decided to take Friday off from blogging and enjoy the much needed break. I didn’t do a whole lot, as resting was hugely anticipated, but I attended a friend’s BBQ party (at which I totally should have snapped an outfit shot or two…oh well) and spent some quality time in with the hubby! I still spent a little time looking through possible blogging subjects to start the week back up with, so here we go! Back to the grind… 🙂

Like printed jeans, patchwork styles hold a special place in my denim-loving heart. One of my favorite reviews I ever did for Denimology was for the CLOSED Pedal Star Patchwork Jeans and I’ve been craving to revisit the patchwork trend ever since! It’s such a fun, playful look and I love trying out different outfit combinations to dress them up or down. I almost even feel like they simulate a “double denim” type look (well, multi denim in this case?) without the worry of trying to pull it off just right! CURRENT/ELLIOTT is no stranger to these fun, super creative and vintage looks, and just released a new line of patchwork pieces for summer, including a denim puffer vest! While looking at the huge list of new arrivals, I was also impressed by some of the new distressed, bleached and rip/repair vintage details in a few other pieces. CURRENT/ELLIOTT is keeping the released hem trend alive, which I happen to also be very fond of! I recently wrote about some of my favorite examples of this emerging trend, and I also scored a pair of CURRENT/ELLIOTT‘s Cropped Straight Let Out Hem jeans in Loved at a pretty awesome sale at BeyondTheRack! I wanted to make a post about them at some point here…they are such the perfect summer jean!!

But back to Patchwork…Last year I posted about CURRENT/ELLIOTT’s Loved and Found vintage shop which is SUCH an awesome addition to their website! For those that don’t know, the shop was launched in late May last year and features several one-of-a-kind items from the brand’s archive, along with a wide collection of trinkets that were found in flea markets and antique stores around the country. The shop also includes home decor, jewelry, old toys, and several repurposed vintage CURRENT/ELLIOTT styles that were repaired by CEO and creative director Serge Azria. One of the items that is currently featured is a beautiful, limited-edition patchwork blanket created out of reclaimed CURRENT/ELLIOTT pieces, in denim and other various fabrics. These are handcrafted, so each item is unique and one-of-a-kind! See the photos below!

Patchwork and Vintage Appeal from CURRENT/ELLIOTT - The Fling in Patchwork

Images: CURRENT/ELLIOTT The Fling in Patchwork

Patchwork and Vintage Appeal from CURRENT/ELLIOTT - The Stiletto in Patchwork

Images: CURRENT/ELLIOTT The Stiletto in Patchwork

Patchwork and Vintage Appeal from CURRENT/ELLIOTT - Patchwork Puffer Vest

Images: CURRENT/ELLIOTT Patchwork Puffer Vest

Patchwork and Vintage Appeal from CURRENT/ELLIOTT - Loved and Found Patchwork Blanket

Images: CURRENT/ELLIOTT Loved and Found Patchwork Blanket

Distressing and bleaching? Cool. Bleached denim, when done in chunks like this, reminds me of a pinto horse for some reason…either way, I’m a fan! I have a pair of Frankie B Iron Prepster skinnies that are white/blue bleached and slightly distressed, and I acquired them way back before my collection exploded. I need to bring these back for a post now!

I like this style here because it illustrates another trend I’ve been seeing around lately: the exposed button fly. This combined with the dropped hem and distressing yields a true vintage, worn-in appeal.

Shop the new CURRENT/ELLIOTT arrivals here, and grab a limited-edition blanket from the Loved and Found shop here!

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