The prAna Lucia Sweater

The prAna Lucia Sweater

The prAna Lucia Sweater

prAna is one of those brands I am always eyeing but never seem to make a purchase yet. I love SO MANY of their items, it’s ridiculous. Just two years or so ago for winter the brand released several sweaters and jackets adorned with stripes, buttons, horizontal cuts and other various details that I simply adored. I hadn’t seen them release many like that since then, until now! Meet the prAna Lucia sweater. How adorable is this?

prAna is a 22 year old company based in Carlsbad and is known as a provider of sustainable outdoor and activewear (primarily yoga). The brand states “Our customers are fun-loving, soulful people who travel well, play hard and care about the impact they have on the world around them.” They pride themselves on using the smallest amount of toxins or chemicals as possible in their manufacturing process, and work hard for sustainability in terms of their energy and water use. prAna is partnered with Bluesign in an effort to remain within the textile industry’s top standards in avoiding processes that can cause harm to people or the environment, whenever possible. They also use organic cotton, natural fibers and recycled materials, and helped found Fair Trade Certified apparel as one of the first big company in North America to produce Fair Trade Certified apparel and accessories. Can’t get much better than that!

The prAna Lucia Sweater - Blue Twilight

The prAna Lucia Sweater in Blue Twilight

The prAna Lucia sweater is made of Italian recycled wool with an interior brushed tricot trim. It is a 42% Polyester, 35% Wool, 17% Nylon fabric blend. Sometimes I can be a bit itchy with wool but that is easily remedied with a long-sleeve undershirt! I think this is such a cute item for the upcoming winter months, and maybe it’s about time I finally add a prAna item to my wardrobe and support this amazingly eco-conscious company.

The prAna Lucia Sweater - Gravel

The prAna Lucia Sweater in Gravel

prAna is Sanskrit for breath, life and vitality of the spirit. This ancient word holds great meaning for us, and so we borrowed it for our name. It lifts our aspirations and helps guide our actions towards becoming an evermore socially mindful and environmentally sustainable organization.”

The prAna Lucia Sweater - Winter

The prAna Lucia Sweater in Winter

The prAna Lucia Sweater - Sahara

The prAna Lucia Sweater in Sahara

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