Pretty in Pink Destroyed Denim at J Brand

Pretty in Pink Destroyed Denim at J Brand

Image: J Brand

And now it’s time for something completely different (for me at least)…I’ve mentioned before that I’m totally not into the “traditional” girly shades. You’ll just about never spot me in pastels, and certainly not pink. However, I do like seeing such feminine touches going through “tough makeovers,” as J Brand puts it. I always thought a pink motorcycle, or a pink handgun, or…you know, anything that normally isn’t very girly at all in a humorously girly shade was somewhat appealing. Looking at it the other way though, gives it a whole different approach. Colored denim is always fun, and relaxed, vintage-like fits have been growing in popularity. Along with vintage denim comes plenty of tough distressing and broken in detailing, which I feel definitely make a pink shade look a little more rockstar and tones down the girl-next-door factor a bit.

J Brand has released a short but sweet “Pretty in Pink” collection made up of the Ivy High-Rise Short, the relaxed boyfriend-inspired Ivy High-Rise Crop Straight with a Hi Low Hem (the mullet-like Hi Low Hem, along with raw hems became a popular detail last year), the Harlow Jacket, and the form-fitting 835 Mid-Rise Capri, all with heavy distressing details and everything that puts vintage denim on such a high pedestal in the industry right now. Each pair, except for the 835 Mid Rise Capri which brings in J Brand’s stretchy Photo Ready fabric makeup and cut, is comfortably relaxed, and each dons the much-loved raw hems. I love the way raw hems look on denim jackets! I’m still not sure if I’d jump into the world of pink denim, but these pieces definitely get my creative styling juices moving.

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