Prismatic Lamps and Mirrors by Sean Augustine March

Prismatic Lamps and Mirrors by Sean Augustine March

Sean Augustine March: Infinite Prism Desk Lamp

Prismatic Lamps and Mirrors by Sean Augustine March

Who doesn’t love shiny things? We humans love to bling up everything…so much that it’s kind of become a symbol of affluence and status. Chrome, diamonds, mirrored houses…we have such an insatiable desire for the shiny and the sparkly. Even though scientists have recently concluded that this innate attraction stems back from our prehistoric survival days, when our biological need for water took more of a precedence over our superficial desires. Even though the human race has been blessed with the convenience of running water, that caveman love for the glossy things hasn’t left the depths of our psyches. I haven’t really always been into super glittery things, but I always loved clear, transparent objects, like gems…it kinda takes me back to my childhood obsession with Treasure Rocks

Like most girls, I love my jewelry, but what about some pretty soothing transparent shiny decor for around the house? I discovered Sean Augustine March on, albeit a little late. The petty neon desk lamps reminded me of my plastics shop days in 8th grade (and getting overly excited about the possibilities of things I could make with so many colorful transparent neon sheets of plastic ahhhhh!). How pretty are these?! The desk lamps are made up of LEDs rated for 50,000+ hours of ooohs and aaahs, made of optical grade dichroic glass rather than plastic. His mirrored wall decor is handmade and…man I could stare into those things for hours. I love the idea of mirroring up my house, but these just put such a cool kaleidoscopic spin to it.

Prismatic Lamps and Mirrors by Sean Augustine March

Sean Augustine March: Prism Desk Lamp and Infinite Prism Diamond

Whether you are looking at the bigger picture of decorating your home, or just want to add a little bit of a calming touch to your work desk, these prismatic lamps and mirrors by Sean Augustine March are such gorgeous choices…now I just need some time to clean up my house so these could shine without the clutter! The prices aren’t even that bad, either, considering these are hand made. I need these in my life!

Prismatic Lamps and Mirrors by Sean Augustine March

Sean Augustine March: Mirrored Diamond and Mirrored Heart

Here is an enchanting video of Sean Augustine March’s work:

Read more about this amazing artist here at his website and online shop!


  1. Antonio F. Sanchez March 2, 2015 / 10:24 pm

    Hello Sean Augustine, your work is truly fantastic. I tried to order one of your lamps through touch of modern this Christmas. Unfortunately, Fedex botched the mailing and I ended up with a refund. To cut a long story short I am currently constructing an office using the prismatic theme. The building is about 105 years old and I am trying to mesh the old with the new. Prisms can go anywhere and in this build tie everything together perfectly. I have been collecting other artists using light and prisms in interesting ways. Is it possible to order or acquire one of your infinite prism lamps, or better yet if you have any new work available. Hope to hear from you soon……. Tony

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