Psychedelic Tees and Tanks by Symbolika

Psychedelic Tees and Tanks by Symbolika

Image: Symbolika

I may come off as a pretty stylish gal based on all the fun things I find to share with you all here, but really oftentimes I just want to throw on a comfy pair of jeans and a tee. Fortunately, this classic weekend look is allowed at my work, so whenever I’m not feeling all that stylish I’m free to feel chill…but effortless style definitely still rules over deliberate frump! I often opt for band tees, but I’ve recently enjoyed growing my tee collection with all sorts of fun graphics. Sometimes, especially for adults though, it’s hard to find graphic tees that don’t make you feel like you’re trying too hard to be a kid again, but there are a lot of fun options on the market nowadays. Apart from band or brand tees, what much else is there? As linked above, there are several options…but Etsy is an awesome place to shop!

When I was at the Symbiosis Global Eclipse Gathering last month, I discovered mostly brands that created full-on festival style clothing, but there was such an awesome variety—several of them bridged the path between festival and everyday life, including a couple of tee shirt brands. All of them had some of the coolest graphics I’ve ever seen, that I definitely wouldn’t find in just any shopping district. Of course, they range mostly within the realm of psychedelia, but the visionary artwork in this kind of environment is all so one of a kind, and some of the most beautiful you can find. Symbolika is one of these brands! Founded in 2001 in Ibiza Town, Spain, this brand is dedicated to producing some of the most unique visionary artwork inspired by shamanic experiences, spirituality and nature. All of Symbolika’s artwork is created with various techniques and tools, whether “organic or digital”, all stemming from “spiritual symbolism to intricate sacred geometry, from buddhism to mauri tattoo art.” You can find these art pieces printed on tees, tanks, bags and more, for women and men. These amazing silk screened designs are also glow in the dark, so you can take them from the street to the party!

To be honest, I am often fairly irked to often see sacred or spiritual symbolism used in the general mainstream market, sold as mass-produced fashion items (often labeled as “boho” or “festival fashion”) to people who have no idea what their meanings are or where they come from. However, Symbolika is an independent brand stemming from the right place, keeping their designs within booths at transformational music festivals and the spiritual community within Etsy. Of course, the brand provides many graphics that can be interpreted in different ways, so if something vibes strongly with you, wear it with pride!

Here are some of my favorite pieces below.

“Since 2001, symbolika is dedicated to producing highly unique, experimental visionary and psychedelic artworks inspired by shamanic experiences, infused with elements from spirituality and nature. our vision is simple – inspire and get inspired :)”

“The artworks are developed using several techniques & tools, organic and digital, modern and classical, illustration and 3d, from spiritual symbolism to intricate sacred geometry, from buddhism to mauri tattoo art. all of those diverse and sometimes even conflicting worlds, combined with original symbolism, are balanced and enriched into unified and constantly evolving designs.”

Shop more from Symbolika, including hoodies, pins, bags, and more with these eye catching prints, here!

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