QCut Kickstarter Campaign Offers a Better Way to Size Jeans

QCut Kickstarter Campaign Offers a Better Way to Size Jeans

Anyone who’s ever left the house to shop for a new pair of jeans immediately knows the risk of potentially entering entering an environment that will leave you with nothing but missing hair and a migraine. Women’s jeans, unlike mens, are not consistent size-wise, and even if they were, what’s a girl to do if she’s between sizes? Add online shopping into the mix, and most would rather resort to wearing their PJs out than dealing with the pain. I’m happy to note that online shopping HAS gotten easier, with several jeans like Bluer and AYR offering free shipping and returns both ways to make finding your right size at least a little less painful. However, there’s still a waiting period involved, no matter how amazing a company’s customer service is, and few people care to make trips back and forth from the post office. Also, how many times have you found yourself smack dab in between two sizes? I have, and it can be quite frustrating. Enter QCut, a new brand offering something very new: Jeans that come in 400 sizes. Yup.

QCut Kickstarter Campaign Offers a Better Way to Size Jeans

When the Kickstarter campaign is over on December 3rd, as long as QCut reaches their funding goal, the brand will send out fit surveys to everyone who pledged at least $10 towards their campaign. The survey will be used to develop their wide range of sizes, so the brand is asking women of all sizes and shapes to participate! The survey will begin with just five simple questions: your height, weight, shoe size, bra size, and the size of your favorite pair of jeans. Then, it will ask more specific questions, regarding your usual frustrations when you go to try on jeans. The funding goal is set at $75,000, however, QCut states “If we raise $500K, we have an investor committed to building a factory to make Qcut jeans. Having our own factory means we can control production and turn orders around in days instead of weeks.” I’m intrigued!

Every woman tells me: ‘I’m hard to fit.’ But there’s nothing wrong with you – the way clothes are sized today is fundamentally broken.”

QCut Kickstarter Campaign Offers a Better Way to Size Jeans - Jean Shots

This QCut campaign is over in less than a month, with $65,071 pledged as I write this towards their $75,000 goal, so go contribute asap if you are interested! This is sure to be an interesting one, in a very good way. Check it out here!

Or, if you don’t want to pledge, view their website now and complete a fit survey here!


  1. StyleGoneRogue November 25, 2014 / 1:29 pm

    Oh my goodness. So sad. For a moment I was excited to see a modest price jean, with an extremely dark rinse. Unfortunately they don’t run long enough. I’m a 27 inch waist but need a 36 inch in length minimum. I guess it was too good to be true. Thanks for sharing.


    • Lana November 25, 2014 / 2:22 pm

      Hehe, well that’s where the pledgers come in. Everyone that participates with the campaign will provide their measurements, so they can be sure to provide the widest variety of sizes as possible to accommodate everyone! They will sell direct to you (they are all made-to-order), so they never keep an inventory. Plus there’s the fit survey that will ask you questions, including your height. They state, “Half the women in US are under 5’4”. Radical idea: It takes more than hacking off the bottom of a jean to make it fit petite proportions. The few inseams most manufacturers offer fit less than 25% of women. Tall ladies, have no fear – we can make the inseams as long as you need them.” πŸ™‚

      It’s all there, at the Kickstarter page, the point is to make these jeans for everyone. You can take a fit survey here, too: http://qcut.co/

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