Sale at Nomads Hemp Wear and Summer Vacation

Life has been pretty ridiculously busy lately (how does that seem to automatically happen as you get older? We may never really know) as I’m sure you’ve noticed, which has reduced my posts to about once a week. Every now and then, I still have to drop the ball due to life obligations, but I still love what this blog has brought me and having the platform to voice what is important to me: sustainable and eco-friendly fashion (and denim, of course), so I’m not going anywhere!! I just have to write when I can, nowadays. On that note, I’m finally leaving for another much-needed two-week vacation tomorrow! It’s been a year since my last one, when my husband and I rushed off to the Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon to see the full solar eclipse and party our happy butts off with about 40,000 other hippies and hippies at heart. This year, we’re lucky enough to solidify our presence at Black Rock City…otherwise known as Burning Man! We are part of an established theme camp, Stellar Dusty Moon, and I’ll be one of the camp DJs. I also have a couple of opportunities to provide tunes elsewhere, including art cars! I can’t wait to experience this next level of free expression and “radical self reliance” in what’s meant to be a purely participatory culture (since it is pretty much a temporary city after all).

Speaking of “festivals” (although Burning Man isn’t one, per se), I thought I’d leave everyone off with a great sale from one of my favorite brands, Nomads Hemp Wear. I write about them all the time, I know…but it’s for good reason! I’m fairly addicted. There are a lot of good sustainable, eco friendly, ethical brands out there, but this one fits my style needs from festival to street so perfectly. They are from Canada, but prices (including shipping) are reasonable and they are constantly churning out amazing new designs each season! One of my favorite seasons has been this past Spring/Summer collection, and now it’s all on sale. I already posted about it when it was first released, but here are a few photos of my favorites again to hopefully tease your fashion senses.

Shop the entire Summer sale from Nomads Hemp Wear here!

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