Seamless Denim for Working or Lounging from AG Jeans

I’m not sure who’s really wearing jeans much these days as we shelter in place, but if you are as denim obsessed as I am, you might be missing them a little by now! Like most, I’ve been opting for leggings more, but I really am missing all the jeans I’ve collected over the years from blogging and from my own interest alone. Jeggings or denim-like leggings with comfortable, superior stretch are definitely not new in the grand scheme of things and we’re pretty much all familiar with them, but it’s just so nice to throw on a pair of smooth, sleek leggings with no annoying seams or waistbands to dig into our sides as we chill at home. Seamless denim, wouldn’t that be nice? It hasn’t really proliferated the market much, although brands like Siwy have introduced them a few times here and there. However, AG Jeans, which is another one of my all time favorite denim brands, now has a collection of their own, and I’m willing to bet they are more comfortable than most others out there.

The Farrah is one of AG Jeans’ best selling fits, with a sleek, skinny silhouette that grazes the ankle. With a super stretch fabric blend made to softly hug you in all the right places, it’s definitely a favorite on the market. Over the years I’ve noticed designers in the denim industry taking their newest ultra-comfortable jeans and somehow making them even more luxurious when I felt there was no way they could push the mold even further, and AG Jeans has taken that step by introducing their Seamless collection, featuring the Farrah style. These jeans no longer sport the traditional outseam, making them even more legging-like, making them the perfect jeans to wear around the house or to run errands when you’re finally getting sick of your loungewear and longing to feel more put-together again (I know I am). The AG Seamless jeans come in several classic shades, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your wardrobe.

“According to John Rossell, AG’s head of creative and marketing, the concept was inspired by the demand for more styles that can be worn around the house.” – Rivet

AG Jeans have also made wonderful strides in making their manufacturing processes more sustainable. Earlier this year, they launched a new water filtration systems to recycle the wastewater produced at their facilities in the United States and Mexico, saving up to 100,000 gallons per day, and they say they are just getting started. Their goal is to recycle 50 million gallons a year! Since 2010, this brand has also incorporated solar panels, lasers and ozone finishing for the wash process (as opposed to chemicals or water), and dryers that recycle heat.

Check out AG’s new Seamless denim collection below, and shop knowing you’re also supporting a better, more eco friendly future for the denim industry!

“Our favorite skinny just got a makover. Say goodbye to the unintentional tuxedo stripe outseam with our newest construction that eliminates the outseam completely in our favorite Farrah Ankle fit.”

“A clean glove-like fit with a flatteringly smooth appeal, this could be the most comfortable skinny we’ve ever made.”

Learn more and shop the AG Seamless collection here.

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