Seeing Stars with C. Wonder

Seeing Stars with C. Wonder

I grew up in a fairly scientific family, with my dad being a huge astronomy buff and introducing my sister and I to the wonders of the cosmos at a young age. I remember racing outside during meteor showers and shivering with excitement every time I spotted one! I still retain this fascination to this day, as does my sister…although she went on to study astrological signs as well. I never really found much of an interest in zodiac signs, although I still somewhat-proudly state that I am a Virgo when asked. Either way, stars are such strong symbols across multiple cultures and the fashion world has definitely taken full advantage of their fun shape and meaning. I’ve been admiring clothing and accessories brand C. Wonder for quite some time now, quietly coveting one of their eye catching signature totes. But…now I’m just a little bit further tempted into finally making a purchase with this new collection featuring constellations and zodiac signs!

This tote bag above is making me see stars, indeed. I LOVE it! I think I’d love it a little more though if the constellations covered the entire thing instead of just half…but either way, it’s still a stunner, and it’s definitely roomy enough to carry just about anything and everything I’d need on a day-to-day basis. It leaves a lot of room for organizational creativity as well, and there’s no need to worry about matching pieces…just look at all of the little pouches and mini bags below!

What would such a cute collection be without jewelry? You can also wear your zodiac sign around your neck. Each charm is cast in glossy enamel and lined with pave crystals on a 12k gold-plated brass adjustable chain. One thing I love here is that they are all color coded to their elements: “Water signs enjoy pale blue; air signs are at home in ecru; fire signs are lit by coral; and our earth signs are enriched by deep navy enamel.”

C. Wonder also included plates in this collection! Each of these round plates below feature a gold leaf scroll banner. It appears these are meant to be displayed…they are too pretty to eat off of anyway!

There are a few more items that I didn’t feature here, but I got all of my favorites. The cool thing here is that most of these items can be monogrammed for an additional $10 to truly make them your own! Shop the whole C. Wonder Constellation/Zodiac collection here!

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