Shape Up for Summer with Eye Catching Leggings

Shape Up for Summer with Eye Catching Leggings

Image: Shopbop

As obsessed as I am with denim, I’ve grown a huge soft spot for leggings. Just like jeans, they come in so many different fabrics, fits and designs, so it’s easy to want to start a huge collection! I usually wear leggings to the gym rather than all over the place, but once I find a pair with insane eye popping graphics, I am always, for some reason, too afraid to sweat in them! Typically those are reserved for music festivals, DJ gigs or other fun musical events for me. However, considering the quality and attention to detail that goes into these higher end leggings, they really are great for whatever you want to use them for. The battle between jeans or leggings seems to be ongoing, and I’ve never seen so many gorgeous, eye popping designs on performance leggings before! Just like most premium jeans, you pretty much have to expect to pay a little more for quality, 360 degree movement, comfort, fit and longevity, as long as you don’t mind taking a little extra care (avoid tumble drying)!

Summer is almost here and although I prefer to stay fit year round, it’s often the time when everyone’s scrambling to the gym to get in shape for that high profile music festival or back to back beach or pool days. It’s always a bit more motivating to get your butt to the gym when you’ve got a little style to show off while pumping the iron! Either way you like to wear your leggings, here are a ton of beautiful options from Shopbop. I always love me some Onzie, Splits59 or Terez, but there are so many more you might just drive yourself crazy narrowing down your choices. Here are the ones that stood out to me the most.

Here are a ton more in case any of these didn’t catch your eye…choose from a greater range of colors, designs and prices below:

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