Shop Earth Friendly Style with the Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

If you haven’t yet been able to tell, I’m pretty discerning when it comes to my style. Of course I want to stick with sustainable, good-for-the-planet garb, but that’s still a small market–it’s tough to find pieces that my style within the limited options out there. In addition, by nature, Earth friendly goods are often pricier than your typical mass-produced alternatives. This is why, when I find a brand that breaks the mold in all those areas, I tend to be loyal for life. Nomads Hemp Wear is one of my favorites in this regard, and I’m sure you’ve seen me write about them quite a lot. For today’s post, I’m excited to share their new Fall/Winter 2020 collection, which is nothing less than I would expect from this awesome brand!

Nomads Hemp Wear is a Canadian brand that manufactures some of the coolest apparel I’ve ever owned. In fact, much of my closet is made from beloved pieces from their collections over the years. I love that everything they create is eye-catching enough to be seen at a festival, but casual enough to wear on the street (although who cares, wear what you want, right??). The brand has that super edgy, yet feminine appeal I love so much, with plenty of color options in every style they release. Many of their best sellers span across multiple seasons with slight adjustments each time that make them even tastier and tastier. The Fall/Winter 2020 collection is full of several past favorites, such as the Axiom Leggings and Skyline Jacket and Thrive Tunic (all of which I’ve owned and loved for many years), and a sizable handful of newcomers that I’m dying to get my hands on.

This collection is still rolling out, as there are a few items here that aren’t quite yet available, but keep checking the website or sign up to their newsletter (and get 10% off your first purchase doing so) for updates. Either way, there are a ton of awesome items for the cooler weather coming up, from jackets to warm leggings and tunics. Everything is made from Earth friendly fibers like organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, and price-wise, they are definitely not bad compared to many of their competitors. Nomads Hemp Wear is definitely a brand to keep on your radar for stylish, independently-manufactured, guilt-free apparel (both for your wallet and for the environment)!

Here are my favorite items from the Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2020 collection!

Shop all earth friendly goods that Nomads Hemp Wear has to offer, including footwear, jewelry, intimates and men’s items here!

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