Shop Sustainable Brands through ASOS Eco Edit

I’ve had a lot of favorite online shopping destinations throughout the years, but lately I’ve made a conscious effort to shop primarily through independent Etsy artists or sustainable brands I discover through my digging around for quality posts to share with all of you. I don’t really frequent many of the popular powerhouses, like Tobi, ASOS, H&M or Zara (I definitely stay away from fast fashion). However, it’s been nice to hear lately that H&M has actually been working towards more sustainable practices, and Zara released a sustainable collection last year. Just recently, while researching the next cool item to write about, I realized that all this time, ASOS has had their own eco-friendly collection as well, along with a fair-trade line. How on earth did I miss this?

The ASOS Eco Edit collection is a one-stop shop to find all sorts of guilt-free pieces from clothing to accessories and even natural, organic beauty products like hair dye (you probably guessed it, Manic Panic). There are a lot of brands mixed in there, like People Tree, Monki, Matt & Nat, Dr. Denim, Pitusa, and more, but I was particularly impressed to find out that the majority of items in this collection are by ASOS themselves! Also unbeknownst to me, and as mentioned, ASOS has their own fair-trade line, ASOS Made In Kenya. This line is a collaboration with the SOKO Kenya initiative for a gorgeous mix of pieces with prints and patterns inspired by local wildlife and greenery. I won’t say too much here because I think this warrants its own post sometime soon! Anyway, I guess it looks like I’ll be shopping here a bit more often. A lot of these items fit perfectly into my personal style as well…I had a hard time narrowing down my picks to share within this post!

“ASOS is committed to reducing our impact on the planet. By working with eco-friendly brands and global initiatives, we’ve put together an edit of clothing, accessories and beauty products that fit within our criteria for sustainability.”

“We’re particularly proud of our fair-trade clothing label ASOS Made In Kenya, made in partnership with SOKO Kenya, but whether you’re looking for clothing that’s made with a lower environmental impact or beauty that’s natural and organic, you’ll find it here.”

Shop sustainably with the ASOS Edit collection here!

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