Shopbop Sale and Weekend Sendoff

Shopbop Sale and Weekend Sendoff

First off, this is my last post for the week, and possibly until Wednesday, as I am off on Thursday to my second home…Lucidity Festival! I am so excited to rest, recharge and get back in touch with myself and my intentions with the numerous workshops and classes the festival has to offer besides the music and party element. Whenever I leave this annual event I always feel so creatively refreshed as well and enlightened on new ways of living sustainably. Sometimes I find it funny being such a fan of denim which in many cases lies in the world of consumption, and also being so rooted in the transformational festival culture which is oftentimes fairly against it. But as I’ve mentioned before, my interests lie in many places, and I see it all really coming down to personal responsibility. There are also a ton of ethical, handmade apparel vendors there, many of which are on Etsy (and that I have probably written about…see a big ol post I posted on festival fashion here), and I’m excited to see what I can find! Hopefully this will inspire many more ideas to write about here.

Shopbop Sale and Weekend Sendoff - Lucidity

On that note, I don’t usually like to post a lot about sales because so many other bloggers cover that just fine (and my list of things to write about is ever growing), but I figured it would be a fun opportunity to leave off for vacation with this awesome 3-day Friends & Family sale from Shopbop. It’s not often that they release discount codes, and even less often that they can be applied to both regular AND sale items! So I decided to do some wishful window shopping in the denim department (naturally), and shared my favorite pieces below.

Shop the entire Shopbop Friends & Family sale here, and I’ll see you guys again next week.

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