Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review

Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review - Front View With Hood 3

If you haven’t yet noticed, music festival life is at my core along with my affinity to denim and sustainable, ethical apparel. It’s rare to get all three together! Last May, I had the awesome opportunity to review a pair of eco-friendly, Burning Man inspired jeans from a San Frandisco-based brand that definitely deserves more recognition, Sonas Denim. I was stoked to discover a company that fit all three, AND donates a portion of proceeds towards future construction of an animal sanctuary. It just so happens that this is one of the main things I would do if I ever won the lottery! Of course I had to present this brand to all of you, my readers. They are definitely now one of my favorites and I still talk about them with all my friends and acquaintances, especially those in the festival circuit.

Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review - Front Angle View

Apart from jeans, this brand makes a line of gorgeous yoga leggings with a denim patchwork print, to mirror their trademark patchwork construction that all of their jeans are made of. These leggings come in black, indigo or red, and Sonas was generous enough to send me a pair of the indigo leggings for this review. I am a huge fan of leggings when I attend local parties and music festivals, and these made a perfect addition to my collection! Their first time out was to a chill, daytime DJ gig I had at a local park, where I took my first set of photos for this post.

Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review - Back View Right

These yoga leggings come in a high waist version with a full inseam or a lower waisted, cropped version. Made from a supersoft 82% polyester and 18% spandex fabric content, these fit very true to size (I took my regular size small) and fit like a glove without being too tight. With a four-way stretch made from microfiber yarn, they slide on like butter and move with me in every direction, whether I’m squatting, stretching, running, or bouncing to the groove behind the DJ decks. This beautiful fabric is printed, hand cut, and sewn in the United States. There is also a hidden inner pocket! I was sent the high waist version, and even though I wore them a bit with the waistband folded down (as I usually like low rise items when I’m wearing anything cropped up top), the raised waistband is actually very comfortable, and doesn’t hug me too tight, as you can see in the second set of photos that I took.

Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review - Front Angle View with Hood

Staying true to their music-festival roots, Sonas Denim also sent me a little dust mask with the same print as these awesome leggings, which appears in my second set of images. I took the first set and realized I had forgotten to include it, so this is why I took another set of images…this time with a hooded crop top I bought for gigs and other parties. I also brought in my utility belt and boots that have accompanied me at several events throughout the years. I thought this made a super cool festival look. Don’t you?

Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review - Closeup

The athleisure trend (wearing activewear out on the town instead of just in the gym) gave the denim industry a run for their money in recent years, so it only makes sense for a denim brand to tap into activewear a bit. I think this was a great move for Sonas, and these are definitely going to be a favorite of mine at parties, festivals, and beyond, for a long time!

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Shop more of these rad leggings from Sonas, along with their sweet line of jeans, here.

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