SOORTY Denim VIP Jeans in Freja Review on Denimology

SOORTY Denim VIP Jeans in Freja Review on Denimology - Front View

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I can’t ever get tired of reviewing jeans for particular brands, but it’s fun to shake it up a bit from time to time…especially when it comes to reviewing jeans from a denim mill that supplies jeans to the brands I know and love! SOORTY is one of those, and this is my second review for them. They actually custom made this pair of jeans to my measurements for review purposes! It’s easy to go shopping around and sporting our favorite pieces from our favorite brands constantly, but I like to take it a step further with anything I’m passionate about and learn about how they are made, and about the source! So read on for my SOORTY Denim VIP Jeans in Freja review.

SOORTY Denim VIP Jeans in Freja Review on Denimology - Front Angle View

First, to make it clear, this brand is actually a denim manufacturer and denim mill located in Pakistan, which caters to international brands such as H&M, Primark, C&A, Mango, Espirit, Zara and more. Their ultimate mission is to observe the best of denim technologies around the world and integrate them together for the most innovative and high quality denim possible, creating a significant effect on international denim markets. One thing that means a lot to me is that SOORTY cares a lot about the environment, and have their own waste water treatment plant so they are as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible! SOORTY founders have over 40 years of denim experience under their belts, and they work tirelessly to always be a step above their goals to become one of the most inspiring and sought-after denim companies out there.

SOORTY Denim VIP Jeans in Freja Review on Denimology - Back View

For the purpose of reviewing, SOORTY has created each of us reviewers a custom pair of jeans so we can report on the overall feel in terms of comfort and softness, as well as the appearance of the fabric itself. As shown in the review title, the fabric is called Freja, and it is part of their Denim VIP technology. This was one of those pairs of jeans that look pretty tiny when they came in, even though I got my usual size of 26, but the stretch was extremely luxurious and fit like butter without being tight and constricting! I wore these for several days in a row and they became even softer without bagging or stretching out.

SOORTY Denim VIP Jeans in Freja Review on Denimology - Side View

This particular pair of jeans were constructed as a high rise (I would say about 10”), and when it comes to high rises like this it’s important to have a comfortable waistband to keep from feeling like you’re being cut in half after a few hours, and these keep me very cozy all day. These actually became a favorite pair to throw on after a good workout if I had to return to work or run errands, and they’re also great for long road trips…they feel just like thick leggings! They do have a good thickness to them without being heavy, so they are great right now as California finally dips into winter territory, and I could see wearing these in the spring and summer too.

SOORTY Denim VIP Jeans in Freja Review on Denimology - Sitting

These jeans have an ankle skinny fit, which helps for summer comfort and style, but along with the weight it makes for a great year-round denim fabric. It’s very smooth as well, with the fibers being a little more tightly woven, or at least it seems so, than standard denim, which makes it feel even softer against the skin! This texture gives the pretty faded blue wash a nice even gradient and makes the color even bolder, which also gives the jean a huge chic factor and thus lot of versatility—I could wear these to work, to run errands, and then to a nice dinner later on!

SOORTY Denim VIP Jeans in Freja Review on Denimology - Closeup Back

SOORTY has some amazing denim technologies on their hands, and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with! You can read more about SOORTY here!

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