Stainless White Denim

Stainless White Denim

Level 99 Lily Skinny in Forever White

Stainless White Denim

I’ve done some reviews for some great white jeans (See: Marc Allison and Red Engine) which have drastically changed the way I’ve seen white jeans for most of my life…but a fear still remains: keeping these babies clean!! I guess I can feel lucky that I don’t necessary worry about how I *look* in white jeans anymore, as fitness is like eating, breathing and sleeping to me, but I’m terrified of keeping white jeans (or white anything for that matter) clean. I don’t own a lot of white items, for that reason alone!

It appears denim manufacturers are getting the hint…as Marc Allison released their white Gina Bootcut with a thicker fabric blend to make sure they aren’t see-through, Level 99 and Joe’s Jeans now have released lines of white denim that is stainless! What fears do we now have with white jeans? Excuses for this beautifully versatile style…virtually eliminated. Both brands are well-established and well-loved (Level 99 being a relative newcomer but was very, very quick to impress with their impeccable fits and soft fabrics, and Joe’s being, well, Joe’s. Enough said!), so I feel I can trust both with such a claim!

Level 99‘s new line is called Forever White, and is currently only available in the Lily Straight jean. The brand states that the technology is down to the fibers themselves…they are resistant to any kind of stain! They don’t really specify much more, but I’d be down to try them! Joe’s Jeans states that their technology lies in a special wash treatment that will resist stains from things like coffee, wine, water and soda. However, they did issue this disclaimer: “This garment will not repel pigment based colors such as lip gloss, makeup, nail polish, paint or other products of a similar composition and nature. The expected longevity of the treatment is approximately 20 washes when being washed with a mild liquid detergent on normal wash cycle and low tumble dry settings. Do not use bleach. Dry clean safe.” I guess I should be glad I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and putting on nail polish while wearing anything white? Brave. Very brave.

What do you think? What are your primary fears with white denim, or are you all about them?

Check out Joe’s line here, and Level 99’s Lily Straight in Forever White right here!

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