Stay Cozy and Stylish in Faux Fur Jackets this Winter

Around the time the weather gets a bit colder, my shopping attention starts to shift a little bit away from jeans and onto outerwear! Hoodies and jackets are so much fun to shop for around this time, even if I unfortunately don’t get to use them as much as I’d like here in California. It’s been pretty darn cold at night here though, and I’ve already grabbed a supersoft, faux suede and shearling jacket from American Eagle (one of my favorite places to shop). I also love jackets with faux fur trim, but I’m never all that partial to full shaggy faux fur jackets. The only time I really wear a lot of faux fur is at music festivals when it gets cold at night, like those furry hoods you’ve probably seen floating around the internet over the last few years. But, because of that party spirit, I have thought of grabbing myself a fuzzy jacket to bridge the line between festival and real life, much like a lot of the apparel from independent designers I find at festivals, and on Etsy.

I absolutely love window shopping online, as frustrating as it can be sometimes to find exactly what you want. I looked far and wide and as much as I hate to say it, I almost went for a cheap overseas seller on Ebay because I just could not find what I wanted anywhere else (however, if it were ever an obvious knockoff, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole). It’s also hard to find any quality or attractive ones under $100, and since I planned to wear mine primarily to festivals (where it would get dirty) and wasn’t sure if the style was even my thing to wear beyond that, I was afraid to drop a decent amount. But then I stumbled across a beautiful number from Romwe, a shop I’ve clicked around through before but never became a customer with. This choice isn’t too pricey, either. I am so excited to receive it, as I definitely could see myself wearing it both at festivals and around to parties…or even to work or out to dinner if I feel festive enough! I had a ton of second, third and even fourth choices before I purchased it, so I felt inspired to continue the search to see what else is out there and create a post for all of you. Here are some of my favorites I found!

Here are a ton more to search from, below! Multicolored, short, long, solid colored…there are a ton of choices in a wide variety of prices!

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