The Step Fray by MOTHER Denim

Frayed and Raw hems gained popularity last year and as someone who doesn’t often jump on board with trends, this one was a huge favorite of mine. It seems to have started as a DIY idea, which made me wonder why nobody thought about doing this before on a pair of jeans, since the cutoff idea is nothing new in the world of denim skirts and shorts. Like most trends go, one or two brands went for it, and all of the rest picked it up and I’ve loved seeing how it’s interpreted across the market. Since it’s been awhile now, it was about time to reinvent the frayed hem, and premium brand MOTHER jumped to the plate with the uneven hem idea (which more brands are doing as well now) and released their Step Fray style. Uneven hems take the raw hem one step (no pun intended) further with a longer in the back, shorter in the front (your equivalent of a denim mullet? Or High Low?) concept, and MOTHER has a huge collection of awesome crops, skinnies, straight legs and even a skirt with this unique look.

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, as it was immensely tough to narrow my favorites from the Step Fray collection down to six or seven…but bear with me, these are all so awesome (and this doesn’t cover all that is available)! I wrote recently about faded black denim, and I was happy to see a few in this collection. I’m also digging the Insider Crop Step Fray in Faded Army as I love olive green washes, and the two striped styles are just too fun! I hadn’t ever seen uneven hems done in a denim skirt yet either. It was a smart idea for MOTHER to provide several different washes and styles in the Step Fray cut. I need to get a pair, ASAP.

The Step Fray by Mother Denim - Insider in Glass Slipper

Shop the Step Fray collection by MOTHER here.

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