Step Up Your Sweater Game with AEO

I’ve been a huge fan and dedicated wearer of American Eagle Outfitters since the beginning of my college years…and nothing much has changed. Unless you count how much the brand has evolved since then! Back in those days, it was about the fictional graphic tees and sheer tops. Those were all excellent, but with the introduction of more minimalist, modern pieces within their Don’t Ask Why sub-label, as well as kicking ass in the denim department and competing with their premium counterparts with the Denim X line (and some beautiful new detailing), you could say the brand has grown up and expanded their demographic to just about all ages! So, it’s really hard to quit this brand. I’m not sure if I ever really will.

My favorite time of the year for AEO is Fall, because festival season is in the past and there are definitely a wider range of grown-up pieces available. I’m always into their sweaters! I own a few and they are some of the most comfortable around. You really can’t beat them for the price if you ask me, and every year I add (or at least am tempted to add) one or two new ones to my closet. This new Fall collection has me coveting a few but I can’t pick just one! Here are some of my favorite new sweaters from American Eagle Outfitters. With traditional sweaters to sweater dresses and a ton of cute cardigans, I think they definitely have stepped up their sweater game!

Shop sweaters at American Eagle Outfitters here.

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