Stockings and Overalls are Big in 2014

J Brand Stocking Jean
Photo: J Brand

Stockings and Overalls are Big in 2014

Before the year 2000, skinny jeans were mostly limited to male rock stars or punk rockers (except for Audrey Hepburn in the ’60s)…it wasn’t until the early 2000s when it spread to men, women, and kids. Then suddenly, the fashion world decided skinny jeans weren’t skinny enough, and the jegging was born in the mid- to late- 2000s, much to the ire of many (it took some time for them to grow on me, but they had some room to be perfected when they were a new concept!). Then came the “ultra skinny” or “super skinny” within many brands when shoppers wanted the jegging feel but with a more “denim-ey” fabric and feel to them. But trends never truly die, nor do they level out and become stagnant. Premium denim brand J Brand has pioneered a brand new super skinny, curve hugging style: the Stocking Jean.

J Brand states, “Our new stocking jean combines the softness of hosiery with the texture of denim. It feels like a stocking but looks like a jean.” Of course, the first image I got in my head was a some kind of ultra sheer, elastic waistbanded, camel-toe-blessing footy style with a control top…but no, these are the real deal, and actually do look like jeans with a fabric content of 74% Cotton, 24% Nylon, 2% Elastane (at 9.5 oz), and they come in a myriad of vibrant, beautiful washes. They come in either a high rise or low rise style to fit a variety of body shapes too. It’s hard to say much at this point, other than, I’m excited and hopeful to try these out at some point! I am currently in talks with J Brand to review their Photo Ready line in the Maria style, and these too look like they’ll be a big hit.

Speaking of trends that just won’t die…it appears overalls are no longer limited to the farmer in the countryside or your next door neighbor’s 8 year old child anymore. I first saw them pop up this year at American Eagle but didn’t realize how big the trend has spread! Then today, I received an email from Current Elliott advertising their version of the overall. I did a quick search for other brands and found an even larger variety than I thought. Nasty Gal went crazy with their renditions of the classic style, with floral/animal prints, pleather and ripped styles. I personally couldn’t see myself wearing any of them but I am always fascinated with the concept of taking something that was deemed basic or lackluster, and turning it into a brand new thing with a bigger creative vision.

Here are a few I picked out:


From L to R: Current Elliott “The Ranch Hand Overall”, $348.00; American Eagle Outfitters Denim Overall, $49.00; Tripp NYC Brix Overalls from Nasty Gal, $88; Free People “Stephens Relaxed Overall”, $168

I think it’s safe to say that stockings and overalls are big in 2014!

Current Elliott “The Ranch Hand Overall”
American Eagle Outfitters Denim Overall
Tripp NYC Brix Overalls from Nasty Gal
Free People “Stephens Relaxed Overall”

Check out J Brand’s Stocking Jean here.

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