Stylish New Activewear for your 2018 Resolutions

Stylish New Activewear for your 2018 Resolutions

Image: Revolve

Hello again! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and some great time with family and friends. I am quite blessed during this time of the year to receive paid time off from my 9-5, and although I could spend that time writing more posts for all of you, I always choose it to relax and take a break from everything. It truly is needed as soon as it comes around! It’s also a great time to reflect on the past year and think about how to start fresh after New Years Day. Many people come up with resolutions, whereas I prefer to keep good habits year round. However, I do like to think about what goals and fun events I plan to reach and attend throughout the next twelve months.

One popular and often joked about resolution that always comes around for many each new year is to get in better shape. This is one thing that is part of my daily life already, as I couldn’t imagine life without fitness! However, one thing that I know I do have in common with others with the same aspirations to hit the gym is that it’s always more fun to work out in stylish, brand new activewear. Now I know you’re probably thinking, what’s the point? You’re just going to sweat it all up and throw it in the hamper when you’re done…but a quality collection of workout clothing goes a long way and if it’s made well with the proper moisture whicking and breathability, can be worn for more than just one consecutive workout before washing. I realize that sounds gross, but it’s definitely true for me! I’ve also realized over the years how much longer workout apparel lasts and how much more comfortable you feel physically when you invest a little more moolah in the right brands and pieces. It’s easier to work out hard when your clothing isn’t constantly soaking wet (and getting cold every time you take a break) or restricting your movement! Fun clothing also helps inspire confidence and a workout you’ll actually enjoy and feel great after!

Revolve is one of my favorite places to shop, and their activewear collection is so fun to peruse. If you aren’t into being a gym rat, so many of these items bridge the gap between gym wear and street wear, so you can still look cute wherever you go. Here are my favorites from Revolve to perhaps help you get in gear for a fit 2018!

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