Super Cute Woven Beaded Bags by Susan Alexandra

I’m a little obsessed with ways to contain and organize things, whether it be boxes, bags, drawers, or any of that fun stuff from the organization department of Bed Bath and Beyond. Collecting nice bags, just like shoes and jeans, naturally has been a fun way to entertain that taste—combined with my love for creativity and style, they’re a sure hit, right? I love quality, organization, good design and a fun way to express myself beyond what I’m immediately wearing. I own bags that fit modestly with my day’s outfit, and others that are more like statement pieces for when I’m feeling a little extra funky. I haven’t actually purchased a bag in quite a few years now, but it’s always fun to look! One brand that I recently discovered and has earned a spot in my mind is Susan Alexandra, who makes these super cute woven beaded bags! Not only are they fun, head-turning, conversation-sparking statement pieces, but each bag totally gives me a sense of childhood arts-and-crafty nostalgia.

Susan Alexandra is based in New York City’s Chinatown. Raised in the midwest, Susan was inspired by bright, “magical” ballgowns in a Vogue magazine when she was seven years old. Her website describes her style as “lush, romantic, whimsical, humorous and informed by sharp juxtapositions,” and that she “makes designs that dazzle ones inner child.” That was exactly the effect they first had on me when I saw them! She is also is inspired by such things as “Frida Kahlo, Oilily patterns from the 90’s, heartbreak, empathy, bodega signs, watermelon candies, salad bars and hip-hop,” and she also runs a community that holds gatherings in NYC to help support and connect women. Each of her bags is hand made with hundreds of beads, to create a quality, “magical” finished product.

I’m not usually one at all for bright colors, but how adorable are these bags? I definitely imagined being a crafty kid again, and they definitely have a way of uplifting a mood. Here are several available at Shopbop, below (I just love the one below this paragraph)!

“I am fascinated by personal style. Just as a novel, a poem or a painting reflects the artist, fashion shows us the artist within.” -Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra also creates a line of jewelry. Here are a couple of my favorites that definitely mirror her designs within her bag collection!

Super Cute Woven Beaded Bags by Susan Alexandra

Image: Susan Alexandra. Shop more earrings here.

What do you think? See them all at Shopbop here, and her website here.


    • Lana February 13, 2019 / 11:43 am

      Right? I think I squealed a little when I first saw them. So terribly cute! xo

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