Sustainable Wedding and Party Dresses from Reformation

Is anyone else sick of the winter yet? I mean, I’m happy for the rain, those cuddly rainy days in and the holiday season which once again zipped right past us as if it was only a dream. However, it’s a new year and I’m ready for the next round of warm weather! With the party and wedding season coming up, I’m sure many of us are taking time out of our “beach body” ambitions and planning for that new favorite dress to wear to whatever springtime soirees might be in our near futures (and it’s just fun to freshen up that formal wardrobe). I’m not exactly a fancy person but it is fun to dress up from time to time. I like to opt for the semi-formal getup when it’s time for a celebration, and of course it my new look is sustainable, I’m even more happy. So, as we all yearn for warmer days ahead, I wanted to share some new sustainable wedding and party dresses from Reformation.

I’ve written a lot about Reformation and their sustainable efforts in denim and apparel in general! I don’t know how I don’t have anything from this brand yet but they are often on my radar and I love seeing what they constantly churn out in the form of new collections. Everything they create is so classy and timeless, and of course sustainable, so you know you’re investing in something worthwhile. They just put together a new wedding collection, and all of these pieces are so beautifully perfect to wear to any kind of party, or even to a Sunday wine tasting adventure! Each piece features significant carbon dioxide emissions cuts, gallons of water savings, and savings on product waste so there’s less sent to the landfill. In addition, everything is proudly produced in Los Angeles.

There are so many gorgeous solids and prints in flattering cuts (I personally opt for solids…and am totally digging those amazing dark green shades) and both modern and vintage-inspired styles in Reformation’s new wedding collection that I had a hard time choosing just a few favorites to share. Scroll on to see the best I could do, and there are so many more to choose from than this! Most of these styles also come in several other colors, so click on through for more options if you like one but it’s just not quite your signature shade.

Shop many many more sustainable wedding and party dresses from Reformation here!

Read more about Reformation and their sustainable practices here.

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