Six Premium Denim Brands Producing Face Masks

How is everyone doing out there? I know so many people focusing on creating face masks during these crazy times…never before have I ever seen so many come together with their own versions of the same project to help their communities. Even people who I didn’t know could sew are whipping out these things like crazy. I myself have started with a few prototypes and will be creating my own. Whether you are trying to stay financially afloat or are donating your own creations, it’s all great to see and shows how hard working we all can be to make it through the toughest times.

For my last post, I highlighted five independent apparel companies creating their own masks. I mentioned I would create another as more brands popped up, and I’m not surprised that they have! Several of my favorite premium denim brands are now shifting production to face masks, and boy are they selling out fast! So, I thought I would share six here for all of you. It’s crazy to me that even some of these larger companies are struggling to keep up with demand. A few have waiting lists, so if you are interested, you can sign up to be notified by email when they are back in stock. I’m really digging those masks from MOTHER Denim above!

The Don’t Spray It masks from MOTHER are one of these temporarily sold out selections with a wait list available. Made in Los Angeles, they are 100% cotton lined for comfort, are machine washable and sold in packs of two. In addition, every mask set sold from April 10th – April 30th $10 will be contributed to No Kid Hungry for those struggling from school closures. If you’re an essential worker, you can also purchase packs for your organization.

Here are five more premium denim brands creating face masks below (with MOTHER up top), from Hudson, Agave, PRPS, Lucky Brand and AG Jeans.

Hudson Jeans

How cute are these? They are also sold out with a wait list, surprise surprise. Coming in packs of three, these non-medical reusable masks are made from an assortment of fabric prints which are randomly selected for each order. Hudson states, “Our goal is to keep the lights on for our LA garment workers by helping the Hudson community everywhere protect themselves and others from COVID-19. Revenue will go first to supporting our craftspeople, while all remaining proceeds will be donated to PATH, a SoCal nonprofit providing lifesaving services to the homeless and others in need.” Order here.


PRPS is known for their eccentric styles and fun prints, and these definitely don’t divert from their usual style. Made to CDC guidelines with anti-microbial micro-poly Fabric (88% poly / 12% spandex), 20% of all proceeds to Feeding America. They are also moisture-wicking and contoured for a comfortable fit. Made in the USA. These are definitely one of my favorites! Order here.


Agave is a fairly modest and quiet brand, creating some of the highest quality jeans I’ve ever tried. They aren’t producing masks here, but are rather taking donations. Agave states, “By purchasing this product you’re contributing to the production and distribution of medical grade surgical masks to medical professionals around the country on the front lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic.” One dollar buys one mask, and you can choose to donate 25, 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 masks. Donate here.

Lucky Brand

These masks from Lucky Brand come in a pack of five, along the donation of five masks with every purchase. These are also proving to be popular so hop on that wait list if you’re savvy! These are non-medical and reusable, with a 100% cotton exterior and 100% polyester interior, and sold at cost. Made in Los Angeles. Order here.

AG Jeans

AG Jeans is doing much more than just making masks. They are donating $1 million to the COVID-19 LA County Response Fund to support community clinics. These masks are non-medical, made from imported fabric, are pre-washed and washable, as well as fitted. For every order made with AG Jeans, a mask will be included. Made in the USA. Read more about their efforts here.

Edit: OK, lets make this SEVEN brands!

Citizens of Humanity

Another established veteran in the premium denim world, Citizens of Humanity began their mask making mission in March. They have shipped over 250,000 masks to hospitals, children’s advocacy groups, grocery stores, nursing homes and more. Packs of five masks are available through their website, as well as bulk orders of 500 for your organization. Made from 100% cotton denim or 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane blends.

I’m happy to see so many brands stepping up. Do you have some favorites that I haven’t highlighted?

New Colored Jeans to Brighten Up Your Summer Wardrobe

New Colored Jeans to Brighten Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Image: Shopbop

I remember when colored denim first popped up in the premium market, somewhere in the mid to late 2000s. It definitely seemed like a reasonable next step in a trendy sense, but this was still in the relatively early stages of the days of premium denim, when skinny jeans were still working on grasping a hold on the market. The super stretchy fabric technologies used widely today weren’t quite around yet and bootcut styles were still pretty darn popular. At the time, it seemed consumers were more interested in what brand insignia was displayed across their behinds rather than fit, feel or wash, but that’s not to say those weren’t important selling points. From my memory, when celebrities were first seen wearing colored denim, a lot of people weren’t quite ready for it yet. Nowadays, more and more people crave simplicity and well fitting pants regardless of the brand, and seem to be more willing to have fun with color, especially now that a lot of style influences from the ’90s have returned, thanks in part to the booming festival fashion market with the younger crowd.

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18 Summer Dresses to Keep Your Denim Cool In

It’s obvious I pretty much live in denim…the review for Sonas yoga leggings I did last week was definitely something new for me (although I’m just about always wearing leggings at festivals). When summer comes around and it’s the usual time for weeks-long heat waves here in California, wearing jeans is not always practical. For work hours, I usually opt for knee-length bermuda shorts to satisfy my denim preferences. However, the cool thing about denim is that it comes in so many different forms, and I’ve been seeing some super cute options in the form of denim dresses! Shopbop recently ran a denim dress campaign, and I also found myself swooning over several varieties from Revolve. I’m definitely loving the black denim dresses from Etienne Marcel (above) and DENIM x ALEXANDER WANG (below)! That patchwork number from GRLFRND (also below) is one to add to the wish list as well. I don’t yet have any denim dresses (I know, a surprise) as I usually just prefer to wear denim below the belt, but these are making me think twice. I’m usually into the darker styles, but I tried to get more of a variety of washes and cuts here for everyone to enjoy. Which one is your favorite?

Shop more denim dresses from Revolve here, and Shopbop here!

Here are several more styles of denim dresses to choose from:

Chic and Casual Jumpsuits for Night or Day

When the weather warms up and the wine starts flowing, I love my maxi dresses. There’s something about that lightweight, breezy, flowy feel against your legs as the sun bears down on your shoulders that gets me dreaming of summer all year long. As someone who usually prefers wearing pants over skirts (because without a thigh gap, there’s always going to be some sort of chafing going on by the end of the day which is exacerbated by the stickiness of sweat), I’m surprised I never really considered the maxi dress alternative: the jumpsuit. Rompers, its shorter-leg cousins, are usually pretty prevalent in the California town where I live, which makes sense because we’re pretty warm thoughout most of the year, but I never could see myself in one. It’s not like I don’t wear shorty shorts or mini skirts when it’s hot enough either…I think it has to something with the fact that I have a fairly short torso as it is, and I fear rompers will only make me feel or look blocky. Jumpsuits, on the other hand, keep that elongated, svelte look (as long as the fit is right), and seem like something I would have work at some point by now. I guess I just hadn’t seen one I liked.

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Modern Vintage Inspired Denim for Style and Comfort

It took me awhile, but I think I’ve finally been bitten by the vintage denim bug. I’m hugely loyal to the super stretchy skinny jean—or skinny jeans in general—as I feel I work too freaking hard at the gym to cover it all up with baggy styles, darn it. Even when the boyfriend jean became popular way back in 2007 or 2008, I wasn’t partial to it at all, until I tried a pair from Rich & Skinny and fell in love. After reviewing several amazing skinny styles with Denimology years later, I put them aside once again in favor of form-fitting jeans. I didn’t only get the chance to review slim fits though, as there were several boyfriend fits mixed in here and there, and my tastes started to move in that direction once again soon enough. Later, when I was introduced to the love that is quality selvedge denim, I finally began appreciating 100% cotton, vintage jeans and the “they don’t make them like they used to” idea (although I don’t agree with that completely nowadays). I realized though, that they are super hard to shop for! Most denim fans prefer to visit antique and second hand shops to see in person and try on these jeans that really did come from denim’s early days, because the fits can be difficult for different shapes. This is because these pieces came out way before stretchy denim did and thus have barely any give (and usually have already been formed to their past wearer’s bodies). I don’t even have many great thrift shops around me, so I was stuck browsing them online.

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Warm Hued Denim to Wrap Up Fall

Warm Hued Denim to Wrap Up Fall

Images: Revolve

Colored denim is always so fun to break up the collection of traditional blues, greys and blacks in my closet. I usually associate colored denim with the Springtime, as bright colors are usually a bit more expected around the season of blooming flowers and green hills. However, during the Fall, colors are just as vibrant (if not more) with the changing leaves! Shades of brown, red, orange, tan, or gold are definitely perfect for tucking into boots or hiding under long tunic sweaters (or however you like to dress up your denim when the weather turns to cold). I can’t believe Fall is already well under way and Winter is just around the corner, but especially for us here in California, winter doesn’t actually seem to officially hit until a month or two after the solstice…and Fall always takes its time as well as October is still one of the hottest months of the year for us! In that regard, styling for the seasons is sometimes a bit different in our neck of the woods.

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Coated Denim for Fall and Winter

Coated Denim for Fall and Winter

Images: Shopbop

The sleek, leatherlike look is always in, regardless of the season. I always like edgy looks, or pieces that look like they just came off of a long motorcycle ride or rock concert (from the stage side, of course) to balance out more casual outfits. Leather jeans were always kind of appealing to me, but I never owned any; partially because of the price, but also because of the fear of washing them or feeling too suffocated. There are always vegan leather options, but in my past experiences they only felt kind of clammy as the day went on, again not offering a whole lot in the breathability department. I know there are a lot of awesome new options, but I haven’t quite dipped back into that realm yet. However, when coated jeans emerged onto the scene, and I finally got to review a pair or two, I found a new alternative that I knew I could love!

Coated denim (also known as “waxed denim”) is regular denim with a layer of acrylic, resin, polyurethane or pigment. When done on a black jean, it really looks like a beautiful leather piece! Using denim allows them to be more stretchy, soft, and breathable for a comfortable all-day wear. I really love wearing them under a casual tee shirt or out on the town or a DJ gig! They can be kind of tough to wear in warmer weather, so now that Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner, my coated denim will emerge once again. The extra coated layer offers a bit of warmth, and I think they just look way too cool under boots. Most come in black, but there are some jewel-toned alternatives out there, which of course are great for Fall to match with the season’s colors! Some of my favorite coated denim pieces include already-loved denim styles like distressing and rips, and moto or zipper detailing. Here are a few pieces I’ve gathered to share with you that I think are great examples of coated denim.

What do you think? What are your favorites?

Faded Black Denim for Fall

Faded Black Denim for Fall

When shopping for black jeans in the past, I was always looking for the most jet black, dark and saturated (wash wise) pair I could find. I mean, it’s fair to say that’s a fundamental piece for anyone’s closet, and I do own a pair or two of those. However, I always end up saving those only for special occasions for fear of washing them and having them fade. Now, I know I have posted in the past about some pretty awesome fadeless black jeans from brands such as Level 99 and DSTLD in the past, but I haven’t owned any of those yet and still was afraid to wash the nice black pairs I have and love.

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Velvet is the Fabric for Fall

Velvet is the Fabric for Fall

Velvet is the Fabric for Fall

It happens every year…and somehow I still don’t own one velvet piece! I know many people might see it hard to pull off as a grown-up, like overalls, corduroy or culottes. However, there’s no mistaking that it’s an ultra luxe, beautiful, and soft fabric that emerges every year as temperatures drop. It also helps that it also always comes in several of the best jewel tones for fall! I absolutely love these colors, especially the dark blues and burgundys. Oh, and black never hurts either. It’s easy to rock a velvet blazer, but there are so many other great items made from this popular, timeless fabric!

I decided to go on a hunt for some of the most gorgeous velvet pieces I could find, after my interest was sparked by a newsletter from J Brand’s latest releases! I was not disappointed. No longer is a velvet pant just a velvet pant anymore—check out that amazing disco-ready BLANKNYC Flare in Burgundy Lush and the Rag & Bone/JEAN RBW23 Velvet Skinny Pants in Navy which features zipper details! I’m also crushing on the AG The Super Skinny Velvet Pants in Super Black and J Brand Mid Rise Super Skinny in Emerald. I was initially going to stick with jeans and bottoms but there were so many totally cute tops and shoes, and these DRESSES. Before I drool on myself (again), I’ll stop here and let the photos below do the talking.

What do you think of this popular Fall fabric? Shop more pretty velvetey things below!

Unique Denim Pieces by MADE GOLD x Yuki Haze

Unique Denim Pieces by MADE GOLD x Yuki Haze


Unique Denim Pieces by MADE GOLD x Yuki Haze

Collaborations in the denim industry are always super exciting. There is definitely something very special about seeing two amazing artists working together to make something even greater! I’ve written so much about how artwork and denim have gone hand in hand for…well, almost ever, and it’s not hard to find paint splattered details on a premium denim piece. Last year I wrote about Nok Nok Denim and artist Jackson Pollock’s collaboration to create denim pieces painted with Pollock’s energetic “drip” technique, and now we’ve got a new one that I’m really excited to share with all of you!

MADE GOLD is the denim company run by Marta Goldschmied, daughter of denim guru Adriano Goldschmied (of AG Jeans), which was exciting enough in itself to me! Lately, the brand has joined up with artist Yuki Haze to produce a limited edition line of hand painted jeans, shorts and jackets. This Tokyo-born illustrator is also a co-founder of the online magazine Sukeban, but her passion lines in clothing design, illustration and set design. At this time, Yuki is on the hunt for models, photographers and stylists who want to work with her signature illustrations. MADE GOLD is such a perfect company to take on the job, as Marta already has filled up her line with all sorts of edgy styles featuring paint splatters, eyelets, lace-up and distressing details.

As noted in the topmost image, each item purchased will be custom made for the buyer and will require a 15-day delivery. These are definitely super cool and are sure to turn heads and start conversations!

Shop or peruse the entire MADE GOLD x Yuki Haze collaboration here!

Find out more about Yuki here.