Six Premium Denim Brands Producing Face Masks

How is everyone doing out there? I know so many people focusing on creating face masks during these crazy times…never before have I ever seen so many come together with their own versions of the same project to help their communities. Even people who I didn’t know could sew are whipping out these things like crazy. I myself have started with a few prototypes and will be creating my own. Whether you are trying to stay financially afloat or are donating your own creations, it’s all great to see and shows how hard working we all can be to make it through the toughest times.

For my last post, I highlighted five independent apparel companies creating their own masks. I mentioned I would create another as more brands popped up, and I’m not surprised that they have! Several of my favorite premium denim brands are now shifting production to face masks, and boy are they selling out fast! So, I thought I would share six here for all of you. It’s crazy to me that even some of these larger companies are struggling to keep up with demand. A few have waiting lists, so if you are interested, you can sign up to be notified by email when they are back in stock. I’m really digging those masks from MOTHER Denim above!

The Don’t Spray It masks from MOTHER are one of these temporarily sold out selections with a wait list available. Made in Los Angeles, they are 100% cotton lined for comfort, are machine washable and sold in packs of two. In addition, every mask set sold from April 10th – April 30th $10 will be contributed to No Kid Hungry for those struggling from school closures. If you’re an essential worker, you can also purchase packs for your organization.

Here are five more premium denim brands creating face masks below (with MOTHER up top), from Hudson, Agave, PRPS, Lucky Brand and AG Jeans.

Hudson Jeans

How cute are these? They are also sold out with a wait list, surprise surprise. Coming in packs of three, these non-medical reusable masks are made from an assortment of fabric prints which are randomly selected for each order. Hudson states, “Our goal is to keep the lights on for our LA garment workers by helping the Hudson community everywhere protect themselves and others from COVID-19. Revenue will go first to supporting our craftspeople, while all remaining proceeds will be donated to PATH, a SoCal nonprofit providing lifesaving services to the homeless and others in need.” Order here.


PRPS is known for their eccentric styles and fun prints, and these definitely don’t divert from their usual style. Made to CDC guidelines with anti-microbial micro-poly Fabric (88% poly / 12% spandex), 20% of all proceeds to Feeding America. They are also moisture-wicking and contoured for a comfortable fit. Made in the USA. These are definitely one of my favorites! Order here.


Agave is a fairly modest and quiet brand, creating some of the highest quality jeans I’ve ever tried. They aren’t producing masks here, but are rather taking donations. Agave states, “By purchasing this product you’re contributing to the production and distribution of medical grade surgical masks to medical professionals around the country on the front lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic.” One dollar buys one mask, and you can choose to donate 25, 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 masks. Donate here.

Lucky Brand

These masks from Lucky Brand come in a pack of five, along the donation of five masks with every purchase. These are also proving to be popular so hop on that wait list if you’re savvy! These are non-medical and reusable, with a 100% cotton exterior and 100% polyester interior, and sold at cost. Made in Los Angeles. Order here.

AG Jeans

AG Jeans is doing much more than just making masks. They are donating $1 million to the COVID-19 LA County Response Fund to support community clinics. These masks are non-medical, made from imported fabric, are pre-washed and washable, as well as fitted. For every order made with AG Jeans, a mask will be included. Made in the USA. Read more about their efforts here.

Edit: OK, lets make this SEVEN brands!

Citizens of Humanity

Another established veteran in the premium denim world, Citizens of Humanity began their mask making mission in March. They have shipped over 250,000 masks to hospitals, children’s advocacy groups, grocery stores, nursing homes and more. Packs of five masks are available through their website, as well as bulk orders of 500 for your organization. Made from 100% cotton denim or 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane blends.

I’m happy to see so many brands stepping up. Do you have some favorites that I haven’t highlighted?

Modavanti on the California Drought and Denim

Modavanti on the California Drought and Denim - Beija Flor

Image: Beija Flor

Modavanti on the California Drought and Denim

In the spirit of Earth Month, I wanted to write a culmination of all of the articles that have been out about California’s water crisis and the impact on the denim industry (or vice versa), and I had also been eyeing the awesome Women’s Seed Box campaign (which is a box available to purchase, full of natural home essentials such as candles and beauty products) that the sustainable fashion retailer Modavanti has been running, and I was planning to make a post about it as well! Modavanti is the “destination for socially conscious consumers to find clothing, beauty and lifestyle products that fit their values without compromising on style” with over 150 brands that are serious about being eco-friendly or ethically-sourced. They also carry several denim brands for men and women that are made from organic denim and recycled plastic water bottles! Before I even got to writing either post, I was contacted by Modavanti‘s founder, David Dietz, about a great editorial he wrote up about the California water crisis and its impact on the denim industry and how a few denim brands are doing their part to help conserve Earth’s most precious resource. In fact, Modavanti itself donates 2% of proceeds to two water charities: Nest and Charity:Water. As you may know, the finishing process of traditional denim manufacturing takes up quite a bit of water. I couldn’t have written it all up better in such a concise way, so, without much more ado, here goes for my first guest editorial piece! Thank you David!

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Winter Jewel Tones

Winter Jewel Tones - Front View

Winter Jewel Tones

A popular color trend for the Fall season was jewel tones. I think that’s pretty self explanatory in itself…but it’s probably up there at the very top of all my favorite trends I’ve seen come and go. I’m not one to follow trends, I just wear what I like…but it’s interesting to see them come and go and I definitely get ideas from them rather than poo-pooing them aside. I’ve always been into high contrast looks, with complimentary colors, opposing tones and variances in brightness to round out a look. I had these shots taken quickly outside of work one day, as I decided to revisit my Agave Ava Legging in Midnight Stretch that I reviewed a little while ago. These beautiful leggings are definitely of the denim kind, and have a vibrant, rich blue that makes me fear ever having to throw them in the wash…but they are super comfortable and fun to style. I love purple and red together, but this time I went with more of an adobe brown to go with a purple cami, and some new moto boots I found off Beyond The Rack recently. They’ve finally come into use as California’s finally gotten a bit cooler and we’ve been getting some good rain! I’m crossing my fingers it continues! I used a light blue scarf to top off the look because I love the contrasting pop it gives to everything!

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A Few Firsts for AYR and Agave Denim

A Few Firsts for AYR and Agave Denim - Agave Ava Moto

Agave Ava Moto Jean

A Few Firsts for AYR and Agave Denim

It’s always fun to watch denim brands evolve, especially the new ones, because they managed to elbow their way through the already established names and garner enough attention to grace the inboxes of fashion-forward individuals everywhere! Even if a brand has been around for awhile, I enjoy seeing them reinvent themselves to stay competitive. AYR is one of those newer brands that I fell in love with in my earlier Denimology months, writing a post about their birth here and doing a review for their Skinny and Ciggy styles. I loved them so much that I’ve kept an eye on this brand! Agave has been around for several years, and I even helped build their website way back in 2007 (or 2008? I can’t remember) at my last job at an e-commerce company here in town. I’ve seen them excel and perfect their basic but oh-so-soft and well-fitting pieces. I’ve remained a fan through all these years and when Denimology came around I got a chance to revisit the brand and review the classic Delgada and the beautiful dark blue Ava legging. Both brands have recently come out with some styles that aren’t necessarily new, but are new to them, and I am loving their own renditions of them!

Above is the Agave Ava Moto, Agave’s addition to the Moto denim trend! I love motos…in fact, I did a review of an incredible pair from G-Star recently, and I have one from now-dead brands (*sadface*) Vintage 1 and Dylan George. I can’t get tired of them, and although it’s a distinctive yet not-so-basic design, I like seeing how different brands make it their own. Agave’s Ava Moto legging is a high rise, skinny leg 5 pocket jean with a 9″ rise, 9″ leg opening and 30″ inseam made of imported 7.5oz millennum ring spun stretch denim with a 77% cotton, 21% Polyester, 2% Spandex fabric blend, in a Black Steel Stretch wash. The brand topped it off with a cool black waistband and a black strip lining the back pockets! Despite that, it’s a bit toned down from most moto jeans out there, but Agave is definitely not a copy-cat brand, and I respect them for that.

A Few Firsts for AYR and Agave Denim - AYR Skinny in Oil Slick

AYR The Skinny in Oil Slick

Coated jeans are definitely not new either, and I got my first taste of the style with a Denimology review for CJ by Cookie Johnson’s Joy Pigment Coated Legging. I now have to say I really love this style. I have a pair by the edgy brand Cult of Individuality that I’ll be reviewing next (they’re moto, too)! As mentioned above, I have a soft spot for AYR, as I saw their rise to fame and contacted them to give them some extra exposure with the two reviews I did. They just released their own version of the coated jean, with The Skinny in Oil Slick. With an 8.5″ rise, 9.75″ leg opening and 30″ inseam, this 5-pocket skinny is sure to please. It has a rayon/lycra/cotton/tencel/polyester fabric blend and it looks as clean and streamlined as the other two pairs of AYR jeans that I own. I hope to get my hands on a pair soon!

With the release of these two styles, I feel assured that these two brands have many, many more years in them. I certainly hope so!

Shop the AYR Skinny in Oil Slick here, and the Agave Ava Moto here!

Agave Ava Leggings in Midnight Stretch Review on Denimology

Agave Ava Leggings in Midnight Stretch Review on Denimology

After doing so many /author/lana” target=”_blank”>reviews for Denimology already, I find it interesting to note that most of them seem to be centered around skinny, dark blue jeans. Hey, I can’t complain, I think they look the best on me anyway! This time around, I’ve got a beautiful pair of dark blue leggings from Agave. Dark blue leggings look awesome in the Fall tucked into tall boots, but I like them year-round, as I like a dark contrast to my light summery tops. So here are a pair of jeans that I really grew a liking to, for an Agave Ava Leggings in Midnight Stretch review!

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Agave Delgada in Manhattan Stretch on Denimology

Agave Delgada in Manhattan Stretch

Agave Delgada in Manhattan Stretch on Denimology

Denimology has published my next installment! I was really excited about this one. I was first introduced to Agave in 2007 at my last job at an e-commerce company when I helped design and build a website for them! The brand was also available in a local boutique that I designed collateral for (store posters, display signs, newspaper ads, etc), where I picked up their well-known La Sirena bootcut style and immediately fell in love with how soft they were (like denim sweatpants!). I was excited to get back in touch with the same contacts at Agave that I was in touch with when I designed their website, and to get a chance to revisit them with their new denim line. Agave, in my opinion, is one of the best denim brands out there, and although they’ve been around for awhile, they still don’t seem to get as much attention as True Religion or 7 For All Mankind does, and they should! The brand was founded in 2002 in Santa Monica, California by Jeffrey Todd Shafer, under the moniker of “West Coast Luxury.” All product is designed in Portland and manufactured in California with sustainability in mind…Agave proudly supports organizations like the Surfrider Foundation and The Sierra Club, and also partners with Tesla Motors.

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Agave Jeans are Still Relevant After All These Years

Agave Jeans

Agave Jeans are Still Relevant After All These Years

Once upon a time ago, I worked at an e-commerce company that specialized in premium denim…(okay that was more like 2007 or so) including Lucky Brand and Agave. I was part of the team that designed and built Agave’s brand new website, and here I am again coming full circle with them again! I am excited to review these next. Agave Jeans are still relevant after all these years! The brand was nice enough to send me two pairs to choose from…the Delgada skinny in Gemstone Stretch and Manhattan stretch…and I chose Manhattan Stretch! Gemstone had a nice 4-way stretch to it similar to my DL1961s I reviewed not long ago, but were a bit more rigid. The Manhattan Stretch had a much softer, comfortable, buttery feel to them, and the blue has a beautiful broken in look to it. I’ll be wearing these for awhile to see how they mold to my body and the review will be done soon!

Agave jeans may not have the same popularity status as True Religion, per se, but they should! They are completely timeless and the quality is top notch!